Fort Wayne Caters to the Tabletop Gamer

Being a self-proclaimed nerd, I’ve dabbled in a wide range of tabletop games from my high school days of pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons, to my latest stint back into Magic: The Gathering.  Most recently I picked up a game called Android: Netrunner from The Game Annex. Netrunner is a Living Card Game created by one of my favorite gaming companies, Fantasy Flight Games. I’ve been spending my last few Sunday’s at GameQuest on Clinton learning and playing it, and I am hooked.

In the years I’ve lived in this city I’ve discovered that no matter what side of Fort Wayne you live on there seems to be a local game shop nearby. Whether your into Eurogames like Settlers of CatanWargames like Warhammer 40k, or Collectible Card Games like Magic: The Gathering, Fort Wayne offers a wide range of venues for each and every gamer. For my fellow gamer nerds, and non-gamer friends I have yet to corrupt, I’ve compiled a list of local game shops and conventions in and around Fort Wayne.

I hope to see you there. Game-on!

Local Game Shops

Clem’s Collectibles:


Books, Comics, and Things:

Power Nine Gaming:

Nerdvana Games:


The Game Annex:

Nearby Game Shops

The Collector’s Box, Huntington, IN:

DZ Gaming, Decatur, IN:


Three Rivers Gaming Convention:


Appleseed Comics and Arts Convention:

Did we miss something? Let us know by emailing us at:

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