Wealth of Wellness Options in the Fort

Anyone who has held, and utilized, a gym membership understands the mass influx that takes place at the start of the new year. Resolutions are made, Christmas cookies have taken their toll, and it’s too cold to run outside for most of us sane people (no offense to those bold souls who brave the tundra). Right around now, it’s likely more crowded than ever where you work out. Luckily for Fort Wayne residents, we have a relatively strong amount of fitness options with a wide range of membership fees, amenities offered, and hours of operation.

For decades, YMCA has played an integral role in promoting health and wellness in our community. The non-profit has beautiful updated facilities southwest, north, and downtown, with a new branch planned for the northeast side. With a plethora of classes, children and adult programs, pools, basketball courts, racquetball courts, parks, play areas, and more, there is something to do for someone of any age, regardless of the time of year.

A couple of long-standing Fort Wayne fitness traditions are Summit City Fitness near Trier and Maplecrest on the northeast side of town, and Spiece Fitness, located inside the Spiece Fieldhouse not far from the mall and the car dealerships on Lima Road. Summit has been locally owned and operated since 1978, has a great neighborhood feel, and is packed with amenities at a reasonable price. Spiece not only features as many amenities as the other big clubs in town, but also plays host to some of the biggest youth basketball tournaments in the country.

Moving to the lower cost end of the spectrum you’ll receive limited frills, but that doesn’t mean the facilities aren’t top-notch. Max Fitness, Planet Fitness and Anytime Fitness are each open 24/7 for eligible members and have multiple locations around the city. They may not offer nearly the selection of amenities compared to the Y, Summit, or Spiece, they make up for those shortcomings with convenience, flexibility, and significantly lower monthly rates.

Whether you’re a beginner just looking to tone up or drop a couple of pounds, or a dedicated fitness fanatic, there are plenty of great places to go get a workout scattered throughout the Fort and surrounding communities. These are just some of the more traditional clubs, so if you know of a facility not listed here that you’d like to promote please feel free to submit a post to info@livingfortwayne.com.

Jake Pickett

Author: Jake Pickett

Jake plays a marketing professional by day at Sweetwater, and lives the family life by night. Between sleeps he tries to avoid injury while playing sports, eats more sweets and less veggies than he should, is all-in on the craft beer bandwagon, enjoys live music but doesn't play anything, and loves his family zealously.

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