Missions in the City of Churches

TrinityBeing the ‘city of churches’ comes with many opportunities to serve.  Whatever the age, wherever you go, there are always people in need.  Missionary work is one way to serve, and I am lucky enough to sponsor my 14 year old daughter in her mission trip to Costa Rica.  She gives a preview of what will be happening while she is there.  

     “I am excited to be going to Costa Rica.

     “The main reason I decided to go was to start my mission to change lives all over the world. When I decided to go, my mom and dad were really supportive of my decision. They are proud to see me go and change lives in the name of the Lord. I am a little nervous to go, but I know that God will be with me the whole time and make sure I am okay.      

     What I will be doing in Costa Rica is helping kids in three orphanages, working on construction, hosting a VBS, and so much more.  One of the main things I am really looking forward to is handling the babies and smaller children. When we work on VBS, we will be putting on two dramas, hosting games, crafts, and hosting the lessons.”

I am very proud of her and can’t wait to hear her stories.  Stories of not only how she changed the lives of others, but how her life is forever changed.  (I will be sure to keep you posted in my next blog.)

There are so many ways to serve others and no matter what your religion, service is important.  During the summer months, be sure to check with your church and/or temple to find out how you can serve others. Or maybe just help a neighbor who is not able to mow their lawn and let me know your experiences.

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