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As we enter the final leg of summer, the Barr Street Market rolls on, and so does the outstanding list of vendors! I am excited to write this week’s post because Sarah Thompson of Sarahmics was so excited to be a part of it. When I contacted her about this vendor series she was thrilled to be featured as one of the market’s vendors and even more ecstatic to talk about her awesome work.sarahmics2

Sarah’s craft is pottery.  She describes it as, “uniquely functional ceramic for everyday use and display.” She has been a vendor at Barr Street Market for three years as well as local and regional juried art fairs.  But when asked why she loves attending the market she says it’s the vibe that draws her in.  It’s not just the interaction of the other talented vendors, but even the “sheer awesomeness of the cusotmers” that creates her self-titled “Barr Street family.” Sarah adds, “Barr Street helped me ‘fill in the gaps’ between art fairs which allowed me to confidently quit my day job three years ago and become self employed and fully support myself based on my pottery! The market holds such a strong place in my heart for this reason!”

sarahmics1This is a girl with a dedication to our market!  She even gives a shout out to Barr Street Market on her website, promoting the 10th Anniversary.  Speaking of dedication…when it comes to pottery, she’s got it.  “ I just want people to know that I take my time with each piece, I do not use any molds.  I make each piece and all the parts for each piece, one at a time.  Because of this, no two pieces are ever exactly alike.  Every piece you buy from me is truly one of a kind! Take a teapot, for example: Body, spout, handle, lid, knob.  The simplest teapot is at least five different pieces, five different balls of clay, five different decisions, five different items to attach and assemble, all for one teapot. I put my heart and soul into each piece.  my hands form each and every item.  That’s what’s so special. So many people tell me that my mug is their favorite mug and that they can feel my love, passion, and energy in each piece.  This is my goal, and it’s the best compliment ever!” 

sarahmics3Sarah will be at the Barr Street Market on July 26th (that’s tomorrow!), August 2nd and 30th, and September 20th.  She also teaches classes, workshops and even private parties for between 4-10 people.  Go to her website for more information, or if nothing else, to see the photo gallery of her studio.  Mark my words, it will make you want to throw some clay of your own!


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