Dining in the Dark


I love food plain and simple. I’ve been in the serving industry for 15 years. One of my favorite pastimes is enjoying a phenomenal meal with friends and family, savoring a variety of dishes talented chefs create throughout the world.

I am very proud to announce Fort Wayne is introducing a new and exotic culinary experience offered through a local Meetup website dubbed: The Over 21 & OFF (Out for Fun.)Founder Laura Thoma-Dickinson and I tossed around ideas for fun, fresh events that could be added to the groups calendar.

After a spirited conversation over sushi, we enthusiastically decided to coordinate Dining in the Dark. Bigger cities have restaurants specifically dedicated to this unique concept; heightening all of the diners senses with the obvious exception: sight.

Hosted by Don Hall’s Factory on Coldwater Rd. The chef creates a four course menu that pay close attention to texture, flavor and smell. Be forewarned, Dining in the Dark is only for the adventurous eater as you are not told what will be served during each course until the conclusion of dinner. Patrons gather in a common area to be blind folded, then are guided one by one into a dimly lit room by their server… then the real thrill begins!

Guests may feel anxious and a bit self conscious before the first course arrives; but as dinner ensues, comfort levels ease and waves of laughter are heard as guests discuss the effort exerted to get food into their mouths or figure out what is being served. We’re not ogres, if at any point a diner becomes uncomfortable with being blindfolded, they will be escorted into a lit room to finish enjoying the remainder of their dinner.

Here’s the skinny on the next upcoming event: Thursday, August 28th at 6:15 sharp. Don Halls Factory on Coldwater Rd. in Fort Wayne. The cost is $30.00 and includes a four course dinner, a nonalcoholic beverage, tax, gratuity and a blindfold. If you prefer, bring your own sleeping mask or blindfold to the venue. To register go to: http://www.meetup.com, search The 21 and OFF group, and send an RSVP. Guests will then be directed to a PayPal link to pre-pay for the diner.

Buen Provecho!

Angela Starr


Author: AngE$

I'm a laid back lady who's attracted to unusual activities and qwirky people. Born to hippy parents, I've been taught to be open minded and to always keep learning. I'm currently on a path to reconnect to my creative side and grow spiritually. Excited for the unfolded future.

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