TRONIC Thursdays light up the night

The mix of darkness and lights with fog creates an escape from the everyday at O'Sullivan's on Thursday nights.

The mix of darkness and lights with fog creates an escape from the everyday at O’Sullivan’s on Thursday nights. (Photo/Mike Kanning)

There are many bars and nightclubs you can go to in Fort Wayne to dance and listen to music. But where can you go to visually experience music played by top DJs?

Every Thursday night on West Main Street, the bass starts pounding as the lights drop at O’Sullivan’s Irish Italian Pub for one of Fort Wayne’s most unique musical and visual presentations. As a staple of Fort Wayne’s electronic music scene, TRONIC Thursdays by Perpetual Entertainment has been providing an impressive addition to the nightlife of this city since 2008.

O’Sullivan’s classic checkerboard dance floor is hopping from 10:00 pm until 3:00 am with DJs playing a variety of music from electronic, EDM, and techno to industrial, mechanical, and house. These experienced DJs from Fort Wayne and other major cities get down and work their magic with Perpetual’s state-of-the-art “wall of sound” and visual effects, which transforms half of the normally classical styled bar into a contemporary mix of pronounced bass, fog, colored lights, and moving bodies.

Organizing the event every week takes “a lot of work, effort, and time,” said Dominick Allen, organizer of the event, who is frequently thanked by guests for providing a weekly escape.

The event has evolved through the years to include lights and special effects to give the shows additional character that sets them apart from other offerings in the city. Above the dance floor, Perpetual’s visual effects system (consisting of moving heads, intelligent lighting, scanners, mirrors, and lasers with a Hurricane Fogger) is expertly mixed together to create a scene that is truly one of a kind in Fort Wayne.

Despite a significant amount of investment, there is no cover charge to get into the TRONIC events. This week come out to see the following acts performing with Perpetual’s “wall of sound”:

  • Dap-1
  • Dom Allen
  • Ken Pyre (a first time performer at TRONIC from Indianapolis)
  • Dark Matter
  • MSG-1

For more information on TRONIC Thursdays, please visit Perpetual Entertainment’s Facebook page. Be sure to keep an eye on their page for other indoor/outdoor events in the Fort Wayne area.

If you are a music artist interested in playing at an event, contact them and send a demo mix to or just drop by one of their events and talk to them.

O’Sullivan’s Irish Italian Pub is open Monday to Friday, 4:00 pm – 3:00 am and Saturday and Sunday, 12:00 pm – 3:00 am. They are located on 1808 W. Main St., Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808.

Tim Zink

Author: Tim Zink

Director-at-Large of Communications for Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana. Adviser to current Living Fort Wayne leadership team. Contributor to Living Fort Wayne since April 2014.

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