Fort Wayne Curling Club Begins New Season

The Fort Wayne Curling Club has actually been around for a while. But it’s pretty easy to forget about the sport between Winter Olympiads (no offense to anyone).

Around the time of the Sochi Olympics, Living Fort Wayne posted this blog post on our website about a couple who went to a Learn to Curl session. The Curling Club’s season ended in April and they took the time off as an opportunity to renovate their dedicated curling ice. Before, the club shared ice time at The-Rink-Formerly-Known-As-Canlan (SportONE/Parkview Icehouse) but now have their facility just yards away from the rink on Wells Street.

The new season brings new tournaments (“Bonspiels”), leagues and Learn to Curl sessions.

I went to a Learn to Curl session on Sept. 28 and found that Curling is a lot more difficult than it looks, and realized that it doesn’t even look that easy. The stones weigh about 42 pounds, you’re on a pebbled ice sheet and one of your shoes has a teflon-coated bottom piece (provided by the curling club) to slide easier. Then it’s a matter of coordinating your push off with being able to balance in a lunge position while sliding forward with only a stabilizer on your less dominant hand.

Difficult? Yes. Did people fall a lot? Yes. Fun? Absolutely.

For those who attend the Learn to Curl sessions and enjoy curling enough to return and continue playing consistently, there are rookie leagues. The rookie leagues are hour-long sessions and goes for six weeks, whereas the other leagues are 12 weeks. A full description of the club’s leagues can be found here.

Those interested can sign up for Learn to Curl sessions from the club’s website page here.

More information on anything and everything about the Fort Wayne Curling Club can be found on their website.

Good curling, everybody!!

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