Cirque du Soleil at the Coliseum – $10 off tickets

110514_Cirque_DRALION_JANUSThe world’s most famous circus, Cirque du Soleil, is coming to Fort Wayne November 5-9 to perform the last run of its “signature production,” Dralion, at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana (YLNI) and Living Fort Wayne are proud to be partnering with the Coliseum to offer $10 off tickets to YLNI members and supporters.

Most people associate Cirque du Soleil with Las Vegas, and rightfully so, because according to the always reliable Wikipedia, 9,000 people are attending each one of its eight different shows each night. However, the largest theatrical producer in the world actually began in Montreal in 1984, started by a couple of street performers. They grew from a traveling troupe to what’s known now as a contemporary circus, or “nouveau cirque,” and they’re not only all over Vegas, but touring in 20 countries across the world.

While we love 3 Rings of Fun just as much as any 7-year-old in a 30-something’s body, Cirque isn’t ten clowns jumping out of a VW or monkeys riding elephants. We’re talking about some of the most incredibly athletic and coordinated performers on the planet telling a story through music, dance, gymnastics, and theatrics.

2011-03-27-pas-de-deuxHere are some fun facts provided by Cirque du Soleil:

  • More than 150 million spectators have seen a Cirque du Soleil show since 1984 and almost 15 million will see a show in 2014. Don’t you want to be 1 in 15 million?
  • It takes five hours for six touring stagehands and a handful of local carpenters to set up the stage for Dralion. This includes 250 magnetic panels, 11 trap doors, and a revolving lift. And it’s assembled using only a mallet and a hex key—true story. Apparently it was designed by Ikea (not true).
  • The sound system includes over 100 speakers divided into 32 zones. And the sound team performs more than 700 cues during each performance.
  • They go through a lot of wardrobe. Over 16,000 feet of fabric was used in creating the original costumes and thousands more is used each year in replacements and repairs. This includes 3,000 wardrobe items (my guess is 1,000 of those items are single socks whose match got lost in the dryer). Some interesting materials are used—including horsehair, colored raffia, metal and plastic springs, faux fir, and even cable ties.
  • All artists do their own makeup. They train for up to 16 hours to learn how to do it and some can use 25 brushes, 10 different colors, and take an hour to apply. Sounds like Saturday night in a sorority house to me, but what do I know?

If you’re unfamiliar with Cirque du Soleil you really should go visit their website ( and check out some of the show previews. Words on paper simply cannot explain the theatrical wonderment that is a Cirque show. Go ahead and see what we mean, we’ll wait here while you do that—we have to warn you, though, you could be there awhile. And if you’re at work you may want to stay away from Zumanity.

You’re back? Good. Now go to this link and get $10 off your tickets.

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