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Fort Wayne is a great place to get kids involved in music at an early age. We have everything from pre-school programs to college degrees that propel students from the very basics to becoming teachers in classrooms. Here are some of the options the Summit City has to offer!

If you have a small child and want to get him or her involved in classical music, check out our Suzuki talent education programs. For violin, viola and cello, look into the Fort Wayne Suzuki Talent Education program, run by Bill and Janet Guy-Klickman. The Fort Wayne Suzuki program offers private lessons, group classes, music theory and orchestra courses for young ones starting around the age of three to five years old. Parents are an integral part of this education system, and they attend all lessons and classes, especially when the children are quite young. According to the Suzuki philosophy, the teacher teaches during the lesson and the parent coaches during the home practice sessions, creating a triangle of support between the child, the teacher and the parent. Don’t worry – parents do not have to be experts in music. Parents just need to be willing and dedicated to helping their child progress at his or her own pace through this ear-training system.

Getting involved in the Suzuki program mean that you want to have the right books - like these! Check to make sure you have the correct book for your child's instrument!

Getting involved in the Suzuki program means that you want to have the right books – like these! Check to make sure you have the correct book for your child’s instrument.

Suzuki piano lessons are also offered by Mrs. Carol Hahn, who is based out of the Indiana University-Purdue University campus. Her studio, located within the Rhineheart Music Center, is open to young children and their parents. It’s a common sight to see a child and mother hurrying with music books in tow, up the stairs to Mrs. Hahn’s studio.

For education in pop or electronic music trends, Sweetwater Sound has Sweetwater Academy of Music and Technology, where students can learn drums, vocals, guitar, songwriting, keyboard, and recording/DJ techniques. Just log on to the Sweetwater Academy page to scroll through the many different options that they have. Families are definitely welcome to come along, and if they have to wait for a lesson to begin, they can hang out in the ‘arcade’ where they can play pinball, tossing games, electronic golf, ping pong, pool – you name it. It’s free and kids and their (usually) dads like to compete. If you get hungry, there’s the Downbeat Diner, where you can purchase snacks and meals. Oh, and a really neat perk of taking lessons at Sweetwater is that student recitals and concerts take place in their state-of-the-art theater, which has a fantastic sound system and comfy, upholstered chairs. It’s like walking into a special room in Star Trek’s Enterprise – little lights and futuristic accoutrements are everywhere.

Sweetwater, in addition to offering music lessons, has a plethora of pianos to try out and purchase.

Sweetwater, in addition to offering music lessons, has a plethora of pianos to try out and purchase.

Of course, your child could also enroll in any of a number of public or private school-based music programs. Fort Wayne has a very strong reputation in the field of marching band. Area high schools frequently win top honors in statewide competitions – just walk outside on a summer day and you will probably hear the marching bands practicing. Besides training in wind instruments, the schools offer strings programs and a variety of choir options.

Finally, don’t forget to check out our area music stores. Places like Conser Music and Quinlin and Fabish offer everything from instrument repair and sales to private lessons. See their websites or pick up the phone and find out what they have to offer for your aspiring musician.

Fort Wayne has a number of different ways that you can help your child become interested in music. Why not do a little exploring and find an option that would fit your needs?

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Louisa Danielson

Author: Louisa Danielson

Louisa is a Fort Wayne native who enjoys reading and classical music in the Summit City. In addition to freelance writing, she teaches composition at a local university.

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