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One of my favorite things about Fort Wayne is that there are so many options for delicious local dining, and I have one more for you to add to your list (if you haven’t already): Hideout 125. It’s a relatively new upscale restaurant on the north side of Fort Wayne (in the Pine Valley Plaza) and it’s worth every penny.

Hideout 125 is owned by Panos Bourounis (also the owner of Cosmos House of Pancakes) and Brian Shreffler. Feeling the need for another evening dining option on the north side of town, they found that the space in the Pine Valley Plaza perfectly fit the “speakeasy” feel that they wanted.

Walking into Hideout 125, I instantly sensed its uniqueness. The “prohibition era” theme is unmistakable in the wall décor, even the style of the booths and tables; the restaurant definitely exudes a cool vibe. The music, the ambiance and the lighting make the restaurant inviting, I couldn’t wait to try the food (which by the way was amazing).

Once I was seated, I ordered a cocktail called the Barista, an espresso martini that was the perfect blend of coffee and cocktail. Though a tad strong for my taste, it was a delicious treat after a long day at work.


When I got to the menu, I was torn between ordering the crab cakes or the tuna (clearly I was in the mood for seafood), but ultimately decided to go with the small plate crab cake and a chopped salad. I was not disappointed. The crab cake was served atop an artichoke-potato soup and drizzled with remoulade (it’s a mayonnaise based sauce, I had to ask). The salad was larger than I expected, and perfectly chopped and dressed. Overall the meal and service was fantastic.

Next time you are out in search of a new place to have dinner, try Hideout 125, it won’t disappoint. (If you want to try them on a weekend, consider making a reservation.)

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