LaBella Flora Puts The ‘Girl’ In Girly

IMG_0085Little girls, little girls…anybody who either has one or was one knows how special they are. Some are soft and sweet, some are smart and naughty. Some are playful and carefree, yet others are thoughtful and shy. For more than 10 years, there has been a place to adorn these unique little princesses with clothing as precious and special as they are. This place is LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique.

You may not have heard of LaBella Flora, they’ve been quietly running their mostly online business out of a quaint but chic little building on a country road in Auburn. But, there is something big going on behind the doors of that building. I had the pleasure of meeting Tisha Kruse, LaBella Flora’s Director of Marketing. She explained their beginning, “LaBella Flora started for the purpose of giving back.”


Persnickety clothing line


A Mustard Pie top seller

Owner, LaDonna Felke is a strong advocate of adoption, and it was her love for children and the hope of saving those in need that turned LaBella Flora into what it is today. They donate 3% of their gross sales directly to orphanages around the world. By giving to these organizations, children are able to experience a family. In some cases, even children who would not otherwise be adopted find loving homes and people to care for them. Their giving doesn’t stop at donations either. LaDonna frequently travels to these locations and has adopted children of her own. In fact, LaBella Flora (meaning ‘beautiful flower’) is named after their youngest daughter, Savannah Flora. The details of their generosity and passion for the cause run deep. You can learn much more about how LaBella Flora gives back regularly by visiting this page on their website.

Although locally LaBella Flora is a hidden gem, online they are continuously growing and becoming known for their long list of designers as well as customer service that is absolutely second-to-none. Just read a few of their testimonials and it will be hard to argue with the countless rave reviews from loyal customers nationally and internationally.IMG_0088

Their list of designers is lengthy. But, you’ll find the trendiest styles from brands like Persnickety, Giggle Moon, Mustard Pie, Ooh La La and Mae Li Rose. Customers flock to LaBella Flora’s website for occasions like weddings, holidays, graduations, baptisms, even father/daughter dances. Even their swimsuits are in season with some at low sale prices.


LaBella Flora’s Show Room in Auburn

As LaBella Flora continued to grow, it became clear that their local market was missing out. So, within the past year they have opened their showroom to the public. Everything in the showroom is for sale. And, customers can pre-shop online and come into the store to pick up their purchase that same day. “We function like a personal stylist,” Tisha says. “Parents or grandparents bring in their little girls to find what they like and we can help them pick out an outfit that fits exactly what they’re looking for.” The experience is fun and personal. And, while it is first class treatment, we know that our little girls grow quickly. All brand clothing has a great re-sale value and often items are more economical than customers would expect.IMG_0091

Retailers like LaBella Flora are growing in numbers because the demand for adorable girls’ clothing continues to increase. LaBella Flora sets themselves apart with their one-on-one professional customer service, first class treatment, and the constant pursuit of their basic interest – giving back. They’ve been here for years, and now it’s time Fort Wayne is let in on the secret. Whether it’s Easter, or there’s a precious baby girl on her way, LaBella Flora will make your beautiful flower look like the sweetness that she is.

Like LaBella Flora on Facebook for all their latest news and styles. Or, shop online today. When you visit, their showroom is located at 4571 CR 35 in Auburn, a little more than a mile past the hospital. Don’t forget to enter your cutie in their Valentine’s day contest! Details on their Facebook page.

LaBella Flora Children’s Boutique. Beautiful women, doing amazing things for children all over the world.


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