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One of the things that I have always dreaded is buying clothes for my kids. We never manage to successfully pass hand-me-downs from our oldest daughter to our middle daughter because the oldest is highly skilled at staining every shirt and finding ways to put holes in her pants. Our middle daughter is becoming a traveling magician – she’s great at making random items of clothing disappear at relatives’ houses. And then there’s the baby. She ruins all of her clothes at daycare. I guess I should be thankful that they are all consistent…?

Rummaging Clothes

Photo credit to GP Resale

Like many other parents, buying clothes for my kids was nothing that I looked forward to…until I discovered the GP Resale (Grace Point Church Children’s Clothing and Toy Resale). This semi-annual sale occurs once in the spring and once in the fall, which is very convenient! Mark your calendars because the next event is coming up on Saturday, March 14th. Over 250 vendors will participate; packing the place wall to wall with gently used items for sale.

The GP Resale’s website states that the event has been around since 1991. Too bad my parents didn’t know about it back then – they could have saved a lot of money buying me some used stirrup pants and a few shoulder-padded jackets. Anyway…one of the amazing parts about this huge event is that it is run solely on church and community volunteers. My favorite part is that this sale is put on as a charitable event. It does not benefit Grace Point Church in any monetary way. They simply keep just 15% of the sale price of all items to cover costs of promotion, advertising, supplies, and equipment for the event. The rest of the profits go to local charities such as A Hope Center, YWCA Women’s Shelter, New Creation and Coats for Kids.

Line Outside

These people are serious about finding bargains! Photo credit to GP Resale

One thing that I will tell you – even though the sale doesn’t start until 8 am, you will want to be there around 7 am when they open the doors. The protocol is that each person receives a number and the volunteers will call groups of 25-50 people at a time every 15 minutes to enter the main resale room. Last fall, I arrived around 7:30 am and I didn’t get in until about 8:30 am. Yes, there are hundreds of people who attend this event every time. Oh, and do yourself a favor – bring some kind of rolling device to carry all of your items. You will most likely leave with way more than you expected to.


GP Spring/Summer Resale Event

Saturday, March 14th     ||     8 am – 12:30 pm     ||     8611 Mayhew Road, Fort Wayne 46835

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