Pedal City: The Rebirth of W. Main Street

I’m sure you’ve seen the Pedal City carts making their way around Downtown Fort Wayne for the last couple of years. The seats are always full, the peddling-participants are always quick to wave to those as they pass, and everyone always looks like they are having a blast. I can confirm that it is indeed a good time. The only thing to note is that your legs might be a little sore the next day.

pc-3I have a great solution to sore legs (even though it’s always worth it). Stop by Pedal City Beer Garden. The new expansion at Pedal City brings everything you loved about the mobile experience to one stationary place. This is not the W. Main Street you have been driving through the last few years on your way to Paula’s On Main. With new business and stores popping up on the street, the addition of the Pedal City Beer Garden has officially placed this extension of Downtown Fort Wayne back on the map.

Open Monday through Sunday from 10 a.m. until 12 a.m., they have their own parking lot for patrons, and easy access to all of downtown Fort Wayne and the West Central Neighborhood. Filled with tables, plenty of space to walk around, an indoor bar, foosball table, fire pit, and then some, this is the place to be. Lounge, socialize, drink, take in the summer weather, and remember that all of this is happening in a place you used to drive by without much notice. Located at 1215 W. Main Street, you can find out more about their grand opening from May 16th, book your next tour, follow them on Facebook, or just stop by and check it out for yourself.















Stephen J. Bailey

Author: Stephen J. Bailey

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