Let’s Comedy Presents Pure Joy for Everyone Tour: Featuring Krish Mohan and Stewart Huff


StewartHuff-Headshot 2015The Pure Joy for Everyone Tour featuring Krish Mohan and Stewart Huff will be making a stop in Fort Wayne for one night only this Friday, July 17th. This unique night of stand up comedy is brought to you by Let’s Comedy and will begin at 9 pm in the Tiger Room at CS3. Tickets are only $10 and are available in advance here or at the door.


Mohan and Huff began the Pure Joy for Everyone tour in Chicago on Monday and will perform 14 shows over the next 14 days.


The two comics met when Mohan opened for Huff at West Virginia University.


“I was familiar with who he was and was pretty excited to do the show with him,”  Mohan explained. “Stewart’s hour was fantastic and we chatted about comedy after the show. Past that, we kept in touch and chatted more and I opened for him [again] at the Joke Joint in St. Paul, and then we started planning the current tour.”


Mohan, who has been doing comedy for 10 years, got his start at a high school talent show when he was 16. After that, he performed at shows where comedy didn’t quite fit in like fashion shows, opening for bands, and outdoor festivals.


“Doing these sorts of shows helped me work on material and write better to get an unwilling crowd into the show,” Mohan said.


Huff echoed this statement, saying that some of his favorite places to perform are where people don’t like what he’s saying.


“Performing in ‘open-minded’ clubs is fun but performing where people hate me actually makes me a better comic,” Huff explained.


Huff, who has been doing stand up for the past 20 years, recently released his 3rd comedy CD, titled ‘Stewart Huff, Probably.’ He is currently working on his next hour.


“I’m very pleased with the new material thus far,” he said. “I really enjoy trying to figure out exactly what I want to say and how I want to say it. It’s the most rewarding part of this art form.”


Huff wanted to be a writer starting in high school, but never told anyone, let alone show them the stories he had been secretly crafting. It wasn’t until after he dropped out of college that he decided to try his hand at comedy at an open mic night.


“It was terrifying AND nobody laughed. I got zero laughs. But I loved it,” Huff said. “My body revolted from the experience in every way possible but my brain wanted to do it again. So I decided I would be a comedian after that first horrible experience.”


And if that doesn’t seem scary enough, Huff later decided to jump into comedy headfirst – by selling everything he owned and hitting the road.


“I started comedy the worst way a person possibly can or the best way, I haven’t decided. I did about 10 open mic/amateur sets. I bombed every time by the way. I decided it was time to dive in head first, so I quit my job, had a yard sale and moved into my Honda Accord. I was homeless and jobless but I was doing more shows than I could have with a job.

I would drive five hours to Virginia, bomb on stage for six minutes then sleep in my car in the parking lot. The next morning I would go into a hotel and eat from the breakfast buffet. They usually don’t know or don’t care that I hadn’t actually stayed at the hotel. Then I would drive to the next show I could find and do the same thing all over again.

I did this for about a year until I figured out that living in the woods is free! Why the hell am I sleeping in this Honda when all I have to do is drive into the woods and sleep there! That’s the brilliant thinking that is required to be a stand up. I did this for about 2 years.

I know that sounds crazy but looking back, it might have been the best decision. Being homeless and broke made me focus on nothing else but comedy. I spent all my time trying to figure out how to make audiences laugh. Well that and where to take a shower.”

Since then, Huff has cemented a name for himself in the comedy world, touring and performing in clubs, bars, and colleges across all 50 states. He has released three comedy CDs (thus far), was a writer for Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network, and was also featured in the documentary “Road Comics: Big Work on Small Stages.”


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“It seems to work like this:  I have a curious question or a curious thought, then I spend hours rolling it around in my head,” Huff said. “Before too long I begin to talk about it on stage.  Where that thought comes from I have no idea. But I have to be interested in what I’m talking about on stage before I can make the crowd interested in it. So I guess what inspires my comedy is simply interesting ideas.”


Check out a clip of Huff performing here (Caution: for adult ears only). You can get all three of his CDs on his website and iTunes.


11313137_392244464297584_6934133669156293460_oThe group at Let’s Comedy is excited to welcome Stewart Huff and Krish Mohan. Let’s Comedy has already hosted some incredibly popular comedians such as Doug Benson, Mick Foley, and Jen Kirkman. Check out the Let’s Comedy Facebook page for upcoming shows and events.


“It’s been a momentum thing for us, bringing in so many great comics,” Ryan Ehle, one of Let’s Comedy’s organizers, said. “Comedy, like all the arts, is particularly important to Fort Wayne and should be something that is accessible to everyone.”


“We’ve really worked hard to establish ourselves and to reach and entertain as many wonderful Fort Wayniacs as we possibly can in the cheapest, most organic fashion,” Ehle said.


The Tiger Room is located at 1915 S. Calhoun St. in Fort Wayne. Show starts at 9 pm – get your tickets here.

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