Fort Wayne’s Smallest Winner: My Journey, Part 3 and beyond…

My weight loss journey with Fort Wayne’s Smallest Winner (FWSW) – what a wild ride it has been!

For those of you who have lost weight or are in the process of losing weight, we all know how much commitment it takes to shed those pounds. But, for those who are trying to lose weight and who struggle with unhealthy relationships with food, we know how daunting and torturous the process can be. Knowing that I did not have the right tools and knowledge to truly care for my own body and what I was feeding it, I applied to be a part of FWSW Season 8.


First weigh-in with FWSW


Official picture from the beginning, double chin and all!

I, as well as 25 other contestants, started the program back in March. Most of us could barely run up a flight of stairs, and a few people probably couldn’t even do that. But I am proud to say that after 15 weeks of intensive workouts, training and nutrition classes, all 26 of us collectively lost 1,394.8 lbs! We went from barely running up stairs in the beginning to running a 1/2 Marathon, feeling more confident in caring for our bodies, and learning to appreciate ourselves again.

I can’t even begin to describe what FWSW has done for myself, but also what it has done for my family. We have taken the tools that the program supplied, and applied it to our entire household. The greatest satisfaction is knowing that this summer I actually feel like “Mommy” again. Last summer I never wanted to go outside to play with the kids simply because I was tired, and quite frankly I was lazy. This summer we all have spent so many evenings outside riding bikes, playing on the swing set, and sometimes we just simply sat outside to enjoy our surroundings. It’s those little things that I appreciate having back as a part of my life again. I am ever-so-grateful for the opportunity to be a part of FWSW, and I highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to lose the weight but struggles with doing it on their own.

A glimpse from beginning to end

When I started the program I was 210.6 lbs, wearing a size 18 pants and size 14 dress, and couldn’t imagine ever even jogging more than a mile. When I finished the program back on July 10th, I weighed 173 lbs, was wearing a size 14 pants and a size 10 dress, and completed a 1/2 Marathon the week before.

That is a total weight loss of 37.6 lbs! I couldn’t be more proud of myself!!

Just like everyone else, my journey is not yet over. When I began the program, I had an ultimate weight goal of 150 lbs. However, now that I have the right tools and knowledge to lose weight and be healthy, my new healthy weight goal is 160 lbs. Since the FWSW finale, I have lost another 1.5 lbs… so the good news is that I have already lost 39 lbs and only have about 11.5 lbs to go. I am confident that I can achieve this goal on my own, but I have to stay committed. One of the best parts about the program is that I know I have so many new resources to reach out to, who are more than willing to help me achieve more success. I want to thank Rick & Tina Walters, all the trainers, nutritionists, photographers, our Behaviorist, my fellow contestants, and of course ALL of the amazing sponsors who financially backs this program year-to-year! Without everyone, this program would not be what it is and would not continue to grow more successful each year!

Andy, Kennedy (our oldest daughter), my Mom, and I

Andy, Kennedy (our oldest daughter), my Mom, and I at the FWSW Finale

FWSW Season 8 Finale

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Also be watching for applications to join Season 9 around the beginning of 2016!

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