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1932341_361921170663324_4099579290970276181_nLike any Barr Street Market regular, there are a few booths I make sure to hit every week. At my first stop, I always grab about 4-6 pounds of organic fruits and veggies. I get it all for about eight bucks and I usually eat it all within a few minutes! Okay, so “eat” may not be the best description… because this fresh produce has already been pressed into a tasty juice by the friendly artisans at Juice Jar!

Juice Jar is the homegrown idea of Jill Howard, with help from her husband Scott. They officially launched the company in May 2015, a few weeks before the opening of Barr Street Market. But the idea for a cold-pressed juice company had been on Jill’s mind for a long time. After 15 year of unexplainable health problems – pain, digestive problems, skin issues – she was searching for a solution. She’d seen several doctors, but no one seemed to offer any kind of definitive diagnosis. Her search for answers led her to do a two-week cleanse, eliminating dairy, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, sugar and grains. That cleanse marked the end of her symptoms and the beginning of a new quest to nurture her body with fresh, organic food. In 2008, she bought her first juicer and started making juice at home.

As the mother of two active sons – teenager Jiya and two-year-old Hudson – Jill loved that fresh juice gave her family their full daily dose recommended fruits, veggies, vitamins and minerals. But keeping up with home juicing meant that she was constantly buying produce and spending hours juicing, jarring and cleaning. She’d run out of time during her family’s busier weeks, and she wished she could just pick up her juice the way she ordered her morning latte. That’s when the idea for Juice Jar was born.

From that point forward, launching Juice Jar has been a labor of love for her whole family. Together, they help Jill test recipes, gather produce from local farms, make and bottle juices, deliver orders, and sell fresh juices at the market. Jill also consults with sports nutritionist Zachary Schott to create custom recipes that support health and wellness. Juice Jar’s menu includes 14 varieties of single-bottle juices and three different juice cleanse regimens. A bottle of Juice Jar costs about $7-9. But it’s nothing like the juice you’d buy at the grocery store. Here’s why:

10341769_405674449621329_4955471732613596941_nJuice Jar uses organic produce – primarily from local farms.

Jill visits local organic farms and picks up produce. From there, the fruits and veggies are taken directly to her commercial kitchen, where they’re washed with organic apple cider vinegar, cleaned, cut and juiced. Several pounds of organic produce gets packed into a single Juice Jar bottle!

Juice Jar is freshly juiced using a special process.

Harder veggies are first pulverized into a pulp using a slow-spinning blade. The pulp is then pressed through a three-ton hydraulic press, extracting live juice and preserving maximum amounts of vitamins, enzymes and minerals. This two-step method is the best way to preserve the flavor and quality of the juice. Finally, the juice is bottled and labeled.

Juice Jar is cold-pressed juice.

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Cold-pressed juice from raw fruits and veggies is an easy-to-digest way to give your body the recommended daily dose of fruits and veggies. Cold-pressed juice can promote alkalinity in your body, increase energy, curb cravings, speed up metabolism, increase vitality, reverse illness, slow the aging process, and assist with endurance and recovery during and after exercise.


Most Saturday mornings, I stop at the Barr Street Market after I’ve finished a morning race, or while I’m shaking off the effects of Friday night’s festivities (or both). Either way, a bottle from Juice Jar is one of my favorite ways to start my Saturday. It tastes like a summertime treat – but I feel good knowing that I’m actually having a nutrient-packed, body-cleansing breakfast. Jill has a knack for creating mouth-watering flavors – blending crisp veggies, tart citrus, sweet fruits, spicy ginger, fresh herbs – and she always has something new to try at the market. Of course, she’s quick to point out that there’s one ingredient that goes into every single Juice Jar bottle – “Love.”


This Saturday, you’ll find three cool, refreshing, love-infused flavors at the Juice Jar stand:

Watermelon Summer – a blend of watermelon, pineapple, raspberry and mint

Classic – a blend of carrot, apple, ginger

Body Guard – a blend of spinach, chard, parsley, apple and spirulina

Juice Jar will be at the Barr Street Market for the rest of the summer. If you can’t make it to the market, Juice Jar sets up a booth at Lunch on the Plaza (Thursdays, 11 am – 2 pm through August 27).

With a $25 minimum order, you can also get Juice Jar delivered to your doorstep on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. It’s like having a hipper, healthier, modern-day milkman!

To see a full menu, read the benefits of each juice, and get more info, visit the Juice Jar website or Facebook page.



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