Room To Escape

To be honest we had no clue what to expect from Room to Escape. We had played the virtual game app on our phone but never thought of the concept of having a hands on activity. So after a little research we decided to gather a few friends and take a crack at what would turn out to be a very eventful evening.


As soon as you pull into the parking lot it’s hard to imagine how the rooms would look or what we would be doing. When you first walk into the waiting room you see a few games on a table and a television. We are then greeted by the owners, who answered all our questions we had before we started. So we check in and watch a video about our challenge and the rules for the game. Sixty minutes is all you have and it goes fast! We can’t give away much more and trust me you don’t want us to. Experience the anticipation and excitement of finding the clues and accomplishing the task yourself.

We got a chance to talk to the owners of Room to Escape again after we were out. We asked how long they planned on having this real life adventure run. Good news is that Escape the Room is here to stay. There were talks about adding an additional room making it three total adventure rooms. So how many people can actually participate in this group activity? We had a total of four individuals which was perfect, however, you can have as many as six. This is a great activity for a small group of friends or even as a team building activity for co-workers, which will definitely put your patience and communication skills to the test.

Afterwards, our group met to talk about the experience. You never really know someone until you are put into a room having to work together to win a challenge. There was a definite leader and competitor, Angie, and some goofballs, Tera. The game was full of funny moments, a lot of duh moments, and in the end we escaped the room.

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Author: Tera & Angie

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