Ethnic Food: Salud Tapas N Tequila

One of the great things about Fort Wayne is its diversity and due to this, we are fortunate to have a wide range of restaurants to explore. If you are looking for Spanish cuisine without having to travel far, look no further. With a few tapas restaurants popping up in Fort Wayne, we decided to choose one we had heard great things about: Salud Tapas N Tequila. The atmosphere was clean, modern, and comfortable. The first thing we did, since Tequila is in the name, was order drinks. We recommend going to their website,, and reading about their highlighted drinks, as they take great pride in the tequila they serve. Our experience with tapas in the past is that they are small plates where you order a few and share. The tapas portions at Salud were large so we had plenty! Everything from the drinks to the food was out of this world. We wanted to recommend one thing that stood out but we can’t. Everything we had was amazing so I will just list off what we had: salsa flight, carnitas empanadas, cartel chicken wings, Oaxaca mac & cheese, and for desert, crispy churros. Since our visit, we have both separately went back bring others to experience this Spanish-style tapas and tequila. Our friends and family we shared this food experience with have raved as well.

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Author: Tera & Angie

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