Hobnobben Film Festival

The Hobnobben Film Festival, a multi-day, multi-verse event, will be the first of its kind in Fort Wayne. We have never had a film festival before and I had the chance to interview Jonah Crismore, executive director of Cinema Center, about the Hobnobben festivities.

In celebration of Cinema Center’s 40th anniversary, Jonah hopes that this festival will highlight major talent in our city and inspire others to make and submit future films. For filmmakers on the fence about submitting a film to Hobnobben, Jonah says just “do it”. There are many categories ranging from social justice documentaries to low-budget zombie films. Jonah states that he would like to see this festival be a platform for a filmmaker’s career to begin.

Cinema Center, in partnership with Arts United of Greater Fort Wayne and the University of Saint Francis, will be screening short and feature length films shot by Fort Wayne locals. The venues for this festival include Cinema Center, Arts United Center, Arts United Parkview Physicians Group, ArtsLab Theater, and the University of Saint Francis Performing Arts Center. It will take place from June 16 to June 19, 2016.

In addition to featuring local filmmaker’s work, there will also be panel discussions, meet and greet opportunities, and Q+A sessions. He hopes to help educate the audience over the process of filmmaking and make them active and aware film viewer.

Hobnobben Film Festival is looking for volunteers to help make this festival a success! Email volunteer@hobnobben.org to fill out an application.

Don’t miss Northeast Indiana’s first BIG film festival!

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Author: Travis Bartlett

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