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Hobnobben Film Festival, Ft. Wayne’s first multi-day, multi-venue film festival, being held June 16th-June 19th, 2016 needs your expertise and commitment to community. We hope to make this inaugural event one of the best to ever happen in Ft. Wayne. Cinema Center is very excited to present this event, but we are even more thrilled at the prospect of joining forces and sharing our mission with so many area volunteers.

We need help choosing films, organizing volunteers, bringing filmmakers to the city, utilize existing networks for sponsorship and partnership opportunities, and most of all, assistance with the budget.

Lead volunteer positions are:
Programming Lead

It is the films that are going to bring people to the festival, and we want to make sure we have the best films showing at Hobnobben. The Programming Lead would work with Programming Volunteers and Programming Interns by evaluating film submissions, and make recommendations to the Festival Director for inclusion in Hobnobben. A love for movies goes without saying, but the right person will also be able to be critical and fair, while also taking into account audience tastes.

Hospitality Lead

We hope Hobnobben brings a lot of people to Ft. Wayne who have never been here before, and those people will continue to keep coming back. The Hospitality Lead will not rest until every deal is exhausted from local hotels, restaurants, bars, and vendors. The Hospitality Lead also has the important job of overseeing VIPs and making sure their experience in Ft. Wayne is the absolute best it can possibly be. This position would be great for anyone who has a passion for going above and beyond in the realm of customer service.

Special Events Lead

Hobnobben will be something that is so much bigger than films in a theater. There will be plenty of parties, some open to the public, while others are only available to VIPs and high-level sponsors. After long days doing question and answer sessions and watching a lot of movies, filmmakers will want to unwind and let loose, and it is the Special Events Lead who will make sure this happens every night of the festival.

Budget Coordinator

This is for someone that does not get lost in the numbers, can give guidance on monies available to the festival, and report statements, invoices, and any revenue earned to Cinema Center’s board treasurer. This position will hold a lot of responsibility, as the Hobnobben Film Festival Committee will be looking to this qualified individual for advice and council regarding anything money-related. We’d love someone with experience in banking, accounting, or bookkeeping to fill this role, especially if the qualified volunteer has experience with nonprofit financial reporting.

In addition to those willing to help us lead the charge, we also are looking for committee volunteers in the areas of:

Fundraising (always be on the lookout for opportunities to leverage the great generosity of northeast Indiana to the benefit of Hobnobben Film Festival)

Logistics (film festivals can be hectic, these volunteers help make sure that day-of-festival screenings and events go smoothly)

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Marketing and Communications (we want to tell the whole region, and beyond, the Hobnobben story, these volunteers would make sure that message is heard loud and clear)

Volunteer Coordination (help recruit and retain volunteers)

Programming (organizing and evaluating film submissions from all over the world)

Hospitality (creating opportunities within the community so filmmakers and festival goers have the best northeast Indiana experience possible)

Special Events (help throw parties, VIP meet and greets, workshops, and networking shindigs)

For more information, please visit Hobnobben.org.

For a volunteer application, please list the area of interest and email volunteer@hobnobben.org.

For any other questions, feel free to email jonah@cinemacenter.org.

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