Ethnic Food Series: Queen of Sheba


This week we are introducing you to a very unique Ethiopian restaurant, Queen of Sheba. Located off of State Street, this little gem of a restaurant is quite a delight. This is the first time we ever tried Ethiopian food, so we weren’t too sure what to expect. We were a bit overwhelmed by the menu, but the waiter was extremely helpful answering all our questions about certain foods. We decided to start off with two appetizers, Falafel and Katagna. Falafel is a little pastry filled with chick peas and spices, very filling and enough to share between a few people. The next appetizer was Katagna; this is where we needed a little guidance. There are three levels of spiciness when it comes to Katagna. Since we both like spicy foods, we opted to bypass the mild and medium and go all the way for hot. It was hot, but nothing like anything I have tried before; the spices, the special butter and injera were a delicious combination. There were so many items we wanted to try for our entrées but we went with recommendations from our waiter: Siga Tibs and Chicken Tibs.


You have to try their coffee. If you have never had Ethiopian coffee, it is worth watching the coffee ceremony. The beans are roasted and prepared right in front of your eyes. As we patiently waited, the aroma of the coffee beans filled the air. In all, the portion sizes are plentiful and the atmosphere is warming. Before we left for the evening we chatted with the owner about our experience, so if you are ever in the area please check the food out this wonderful restaurant and say “Hi”. Their website has their menu and some great information.

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Author: Tera & Angie

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