LFW’s Top Picks for Best Coffee Shops

It’s a Monday morning and you woke up late for work. As you’re scrambling to get your stuff prepared for the day ahead, you realize your hot water isn’t working. You do as much as you can to your hair and decide that today is a “Messy Bun Day”. You look at the clock and see that if you leave now, you’ll have just enough time to grab that quick cup of coffee on your way to work. Living Fort Wayne knows Mondays well. More importantly, we know where to get the best coffee in town to kickstart your week. So for your convenience, here’s our list of Best Coffee Shops.


Jade Kelsey picks…

The Friendly Fox


(photo by Nicholas Weaver)

This cozy neighborhood joint feels like stepping into a friend’s house, so it’s no surprise that they are family owned and operated. The Friendly Fox serves Utopian Coffee, which pairs perfectly with their Saturday morning special, Malted Milk Waffles. Hungry yet? The Fox also offers a full menu of lunch and dinner specials, including a flatbread for every taste, Korean BBQ, wraps, paninis, salad, and more. If you’re in the mood for some dessert, the Fox also has homemade cheesecake, handmade milkshakes, floats, and sundaes for your relentless sweet tooth. Perhaps just a few macaroons while you sip a cuppa joe.


Becca Bell picks…

Old Crown Coffee Roasters


It was the first (and only) coffee roaster in Fort Wayne for many years. For more than 15 years, Old Crown has taken the “purist” approach to everything—coffee is roasted in-house, chocolate and caramel sauces are 100% from scratch, veggies and herbs are grown in their backyard, and iced drinks use slow-processed, cold extracted espresso. Not to mention that they have craft cocktails made with fresh juice and house-made syrups and infusions. Since moving into their new location in November of 2009, owners Mike and Jennifer have added a seasonally-inspired dinner menu. For both regular customers and longtime employees, like me, the OC is much more than a coffee shop. It is a FAMILY.


Leslie Snare picks…



For a mid-day coffee run (and we all need those sometimes, right?) will always be the Dash-In. They feature Old Crown coffee and sometimes you just need a solid cup of joe to make it through the workday. The Dash-In also has some amazing lunch specials! I would recommend their famous tomato bisque along with a strong cup of coffee to warm up during your lunch hour.


Travis Bartlett picks…

Mocha Lounge


When I lived out in Southwest Fort Wayne, this was my go-to spot for coffee. Super friendly staff and a welcoming, cozy atmosphere made this my favorite reading spot. I would recommend their peppermint mocha paired with their delicious vegan brownies! I also enjoyed having them at the local Farmers’ Market in downtown Fort Wayne during the summer. This place is also vegan, paleo, gluten-free friendly. Definitely give them a try next time you’re in the Southwest area!

Dunkin’ Donuts


Sure, it’s a chain. But I can’t help giving them some spotlight on delicious coffee in downtown Fort Wayne. Located inside the Allen County Public Library, it makes it easy to grab this quick cup of coffee before heading to work. Not to mention that the staff is consistently friendly and fast to fulfill your morning needs.  I recommend getting their classic coffee with cream & sugar, and maybe a shot of caramel added if you’re feeling feisty.

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Jasmine Bejar picks…

Fortezza Coffee

Fortezza Coffee

Whether you’re looking for a classic brewed coffee or a latte, you can get your caffeine fix at Fortezza. I don’t know of a better place to get such a decorated latte. They also have an assortment of awesome teas. It’s a perfect place for meetings of any size (with a conference room you can reserve for larger groups). Working downtown, I find myself at Fortezza quite a few times a week. Don’t forget to try their Crème Bu Le stuffed French toast paired with any one of their seasonal drinks!


Emily Farmer picks…

Jeremiah’s Brewed Awakenings


I may not be much of a coffee consumer, but I am all about giving back to the community. Jeremiah’s Brewed Awakenings in downtown Auburn not only provides magically crafted coffee and homemade treats, but they have dedicated much of their mission to bettering the local community. They work with area high schools and internship programs and created a literacy campaign for DeKalb County. They also hold an annual “Friendsgiving Bash” on Thanksgiving Day where a free dinner is offered to anyone who wished to join them. Who knew that a coffee shop could do so much good for local communities!?


Author: Travis Bartlett

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