Planning a Wedding in 2016?…Me too!

The holidays might be over with, but if you are newly engaged the overwhelming feelings of warm-and-fuzzy are probably still lingering inside! For many it’s exciting to think about planning a wedding, but others might cringe at the task. No worries – Living Fort Wayne has you covered! Over the next several weeks we will share our findings, wish lists, and realities when it comes to planning a wedding.hearts

As for me…well my fiance, Andy, and I are a “special” case. After three children together and almost 10 years, we have finally determined that 2016 is the year. That’s right: no more excuses, no more letting finances get in the way, no more being simply Ms. Farmer and Mr. Adkins. A little back story: Andy and I both come from large Catholic families. For those of you who were raised Catholic, you know what that means. For those of you who were not raised Catholic, let me clue you in a bit: besides our immediate families we also felt it necessary to invite the extended family (as we are all close – all 103 of us), our friends (who are all married and have children of their own), and let’s not forget our parents’ and grandparents’ close friends, coworkers, old coworkers, and so on. Our guest list was over 400 people. If you find that your guest list is also pretty extensive, below are a few places I looked into that can accommodate such a number and I highly recommend for your big day. (Of course there are so many other great wedding venues around Fort Wayne, but these are my favorite.)


Shiloh in Fort Wayne can hold up to 450 people in each of their 2 wings, and they have a beautiful outdoor area for wedding ceremonies.

The National Military History Center in Auburn can accommodate up to 1,350 people in their largest room. They are also able to help you organize an “indoor” wedding inside the facility if desired and can quickly transform the space into your reception.

The Hay Loft in Hoagland consists of a beautiful old barn and a large lawn surrounded by fields – perfect for those wanting a “rustic” feel in the country. The barn has two levels; one can hold roughly 100 people and the other can accommodate around 200 guests.

* Another thing to keep in mind is that most venues require you to use either their own catering services or a caterer from their “approved catering” list. Make sure you inquire about catering options while looking into venues!


Now that you have a few leads on a venue, let’s move on to the cake. My absolute favorite tastings came from For Goodness Cakes! (Fort Wayne), Courtney’s Bakery (Fort Wayne), and Cookie Nook (Auburn). All three have an amazing variety for flavor choices as well as filling, and they also do cupcakes! You can even choose a fun combination of cupcakes for guests and a special cake for you and your spouse – so cute!


This is a tricky subject. Everyone has different tastes, wants, budgets and body shapes. To be honest, I had a very small budget so I found my dress at a discounted dress dealer in Indianapolis through Craigslist. However, I have heard great things about One Fine Day and also The Bride to Be, both in Fort Wayne. I just recently heard of a bridal/formal wear consignment shop called Bridal Exchange Fort Wayne. That might also be a great place to check out for those on a tight budget.

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When looking into tuxedo rentals, you will find that two of the most well-known places in Fort Wayne include Louie’s Tux Shop and Rogers Formal Wear. Keep in mind that some tux shops offer deals with your rental. For example: rent so many tuxedos and the groom (or grooms) receive a free rental; or with your rental, the company will provide free wedding invitations. Extra incentives are always nice!

Stay tuned for my follow-up blog to include smaller wedding venue options, and the plans that Andy and I ultimately agreed on for our “big day” this July.

Emily Farmer

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