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Core FlierDisconnect and immerse yourself in the complexity of the human spirit in downtown Fort Wayne this weekend. Local music artist Hope Arthur will be presenting The CORE in Collaboration with Mikautadze Dance TheatreHope Arthur Orchestra, Saitnkini of Austria, and Silbo Gomero on Saturday 8 pm at the Parkview Physicians Group Blackbox Theater.

This weekend’s performance will consist of two parts – a vocal performance piece by The Hope Arthur Orchestra and “Schreimoment,” a collaborative effort featuring both local and Austrian artists. The performance will feature artistic projections by Alec Johnson, who has created shape-based pieces that will interact with The CORE.

So immerse yourselves, Fort Wayne, as it should be be a one-of-a-kind performance, not likely to be performed again in the near future!

The CORE, which stands for Cultivating Oneness Reinventing Expression, is a physical artistic performance structure Arthur has been developing since she was a student in an “Entrepreneurship through the Arts” course at IPFW. Local artists Jeremy Stroup and Gregor Roth helped Arthur design and build The CORE as a structure.

The CORE (Courtesy photo)

The CORE (Courtesy photo)

The vision behind The CORE continued to evolve into what it is today during a residency Arthur completed at the local Wunderkammer Company art gallery. The structure is by no means complete and continues to evolve into a collaborative experience with Arthur and the local artistic community.

“I think I wanted to make a physical structure of how I feel on the inside at least, like when I’m reflecting or when I’m sad or when I’m happy – the core of my being or my human spirit,” Arthur said. “I wanted to look at it, and perform on it, and explore it.”

Part one on Saturday will feature The CORE with a 20-minute all-vocal performance piece by the Hope Arthur Orchestra. The vocal performers will also be performing the choreography for the piece.

This will be followed by “Schreimoment,” an all-dance and music performance piece by Saitnkini, an Austrian artistic duo featuring Ulrich Schleicher and Andre Schwarzl. Saitnkini wrote the story and basic structure of Schriemoment, and then Silbo Gomero and Mikautadze brought it to life in Fort Wayne.

The collaborative effort between artists from different artistic areas (and even different continents) has been impressive. Schleicher and Schwarzl collaborated via Skype with Arthur, musician/composer Kurt Roembke, and Elizabeth Mikautadze of the Mikautadze Dance Theatre to help make their detailed vision for the piece come to life.

Projection of Ulrich Schleicher and Andre Schwarzl (Courtesy photo)

Projection of Ulrich Schleicher and Andre Schwarzl (Courtesy photo)

“So many collaborators and a lot of creative input!” said Mikautadze, who directed the choreography of the piece. “This is energizing to me and is the reason I do the work I do.”

The piece features original contemporary-inspired choreography performed by the Mikautadze Dance Theatre and music composed by Silbo Gomero, a music collaboration between Arthur and Roembke.

“I love any chance to work with musicians and live music, so this was the initial draw for me to collaborate with Hope and Kurt,” Mikautadze said.

The performance itself represents a moment in time – it could be interpreted as a mere second or a course of many years. The main character represents purity with six side characters representing elements such as communication, family, fitness, beauty, Angst (fear), and Weltschmerz (world weariness) from within the main character.

“I think we all feel like there is something pulling at us at any given time, whether it feels positive or negative,” Mikautadze said. “And that pull sometimes takes us so far from who we really are or who we could be that we end up exhausted or pushed to the point of screaming, hence the title “Schreimoment”, moment of screaming.”

The main character is on stage, but it is hoped it is also within you, the audience.

“The whole performance is that whole process of being introduced to a concept and then letting that concept get away from you and then all of the confusion that this causes in who you are and understanding how to live as a human,” Roembke said.

And that’s the mission of The CORE – to connect the audience to the piece and to visually represent the complexity of the human spirit.

In the end “I hope that they feel a little closer to their neighbor,” Arthur said.

Quick overview

Event: Hope Arthur Presents The CORE in Collaboration with Mikautadze Dance Theatre (Fort Wayne), Hope Arthur Orchestra (Fort Wayne), And Introducing Saitnkini [Ulrich Schleicher & Andre Schwarzl Duo) (Austria) and Silbo Gomero [Hope Arthur & Kurt Roembke Duo] (Fort Wayne)

Also featuring the works of Alec Johnson and Jeremy Stroup

See event on Facebook.

When: 8:00 pm – Saturday, January 23, 2016

Location: Parkview Physicians Group Arts Lab300 E. Main Street
Fort Wayne IN 46802.

Tickets are $15 and can be purchased on Artstix

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