Dating Your City With Amber Stone: Table For One

I figured this month’s adventure would be topical because of what some people would feel is a dreadful holiday: Valentine’s Day. The reason I chose to write about this topic is that Fort Wayne, like I’ve said in past articles, has amazing restaurants. That in itself is how you get to know your city. From figuring out who the owners are, what their food visions might be, to the ones that come highly recommended.

A few weeks ago, I took myself out on a date. I know you are probably thinking, “going out alone in public?? On a Thursday night to dinner?? Who would do such a thing?!” You won’t believe how many people were shocked that I took myself out. One friend even said, “Some people might think you’re lonely.” I think quite the opposite. It shows I’m confident enough to enjoy an evening alone, and be happy doing so. If you can’t spend time alone with yourself, nobody else can. Relocating to a new city, and being single, can be difficult. If you’re the opposite, it might be a bit more challenging. Either way, take yourself out once in a while! That evening I decided to dine at Asakusa, which has quickly become my favorite sushi restaurant in the city. That place will put you in a sushi coma!

Whatever style or taste bud it is that evening, you’ll have plenty to choose from around the city. Living in a new adventure can be lonely at times. I guarantee there’s always someone close by wanting to hear your story, of why you changed up your life. People who live here, are extremely friendly. Try a new restaurant, meet a stranger at the bar and say hello, or get to know you better and go on a solo date with yourself. It’s not that scary, just focus on how good that meal tastes! I challenge you…pick a restaurant…and go ahead…say those three scary words….”table for one”…it won’t be so bad.  Meanwhile, I would love to pick your brain on new places. If you think of a great restaurant I should find, visit my page at, and inbox me.



Author: Amber Stone

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