Planning a Wedding in 2016?…Me Too! (Part 2)

Now that Valentine’s Day is behind us, I’m sure there are a few more newly-engaged couples to join in on the wedding planning conversation. Congrats, by the way!! Before we venture into more options for your upcoming nuptials, let’s quickly recap my original “Planning a Wedding” post: 1) Andy and I are finally “taking the plunge” this year; 2) our guest list was over 400 people; 3) I all-you-need-is-love-mal-brayshared my favorite findings regarding where to purchase a dress, rent tuxedos, and amazing bakeries for that perfect cake; and finally 4) for those who have an extensive guest list (such as mine), I shared some great venue options that can accommodate very large gatherings.

Yes, yes…I am sure that most of you reading this blog are waiting for me to explain what I meant by saying “our guest list was over 400 people.” The key word is “was.” After all these years of planning our big day around trying to make everyone else happy, Andy and I have decided to compromise – a lot. It was a difficult decision, but all-in-all we just want to finally get married. We have ultimately decided to cut the list down to simply our kids, parents, grandparents, and brothers and sisters. In total we have narrowed the count down to 25 people from over 400. Now that I have explained our new guest count, let’s look into other venue options for those who have a smaller guest list:


Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation has a plethora of relatively inexpensive venues! One of my favorites is the ever-so-popular Botanical Conservatory in downtown Fort Wayne. This venue is a beautiful setting for intimate weddings, and they can also host your reception. A few of my other favorite gorgeous venues with Fort Wayne Parks & Rec include: Lakeside Rose Gardens, the Bridal Glen at Foster Park, and the Wells Street Bridge.

The Auburn Cord Duesenberg (ACD) Museum in Auburn is a romantic destination with a classic feel! Besides a great indoor venue, you can choose to share your nuptials on the grand staircase if desired!

Baker Street Station offers an amazing historic background and detailed scenery for your big day! This former rail station is located in downtown Fort Wayne.


I am going to take the chance to brag on the musicians that we have booked for our “big day.” Ken Preston plays guitar and Linda Kummernuss plays the violin. This magical duo from Auburn plays all original music in harmony together. Just a couple weeks ago they came to our home and played for us in person, and I had tears in my eyes the entire time. Ken has a beautiful, edgy/rugged voice; and the gracefulness of Linda’s violin is a perfect contrast. I am so impressed with them that I am going to leave my suggestion at that. Hmph.
You can contact Linda at or by calling (260) 402-2851.

One of the best perks of having a small wedding is the room in your budget to splurge on the fun stuff! Here are some ideas on what to do with that “extra” money left in your pocket:

  • Use the money toward your honeymoon
  • Save the money for something you and your spouse wish to buy (down-payment on a house or car, find a new family pet, or save up for a new bundle of joy!)
  • Don’t need any gifts? Ask guests to make donations to a charity of your choosing in honor of your marriage

Still in need of ideas or wanting help to sort through the chaos of planning? There are several local wedding planners in the area ready to help! As for Andy and I? We have happily settled on all arrangements. Our intimate ceremony will be held on the Wells Street Bridge and our reception will follow at our favorite restaurant, BakerStreet. We have decided to travel to Nashville for our honeymoon as we both are big fans of music…and whiskey. What a pair!

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