Dating Your City With Amber Stone: Spring Has Arrived In Fort Wayne!

Spring has sprung in Fort Wayne! If you catch any bits of my radio show during the week, you’ll hear me say “There is always something going on in Fort Wayne,”quite a bit. It’s true!

Now that the warm weather is here, you will see people out and about enjoying the city. I can’t tell you how many creative and exciting events pop up on my Facebook page. Most recently, Fort Wayne has installed bike shares. I think this is an incredible idea. I just had my first biking experience this week and it was fantastic! It’s been over 5 years since riding a bike, and I forgot how much fun it can be. You truly look at the city in a different way, as opposed to a car ride. During my bike riding adventure, I finally made it over to Pedal City. Now, let’s talk about a gem! While at Pedal City, you can sit outside and play corn hole, beer pong, or ping pong. Not feeling sporty? Sit back, relax and take in the patio vibes on a nice. sunny afternoon.

We’re now getting into the fun part of the year. Whether you catch a festival, TinCaps game, or day drinking with friends on a patio, get out and enjoy this progressing city! I have seen Fort Wayne grow over the past 8 months, it’s a positive time to live and experience this thriving downtown. We can only hope that outsiders invest and capture how great Fort Wayne can be. This week, I encourage you to partake in something fun around downtown. Get on a bike rental and ride around, catch an art show, or find some live music. Make sure to take in the fun and vibrant feel Fort Wayne has going on.

Until our next adventure, cheers!




Author: Amber Stone

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