LFW Spotlight: Brittany King

Have you ever wondered who the people behind Living Fort Wayne were? Or maybe you’re curious about the different things our team does every day that make Living Fort Wayne the go-to destination for all the great things happening in our city.  In this new spotlight series, we’ll be featuring a few of our amazing volunteers who will share a bit about their contributions to Living Fort Wayne and what they do outside of their volunteer work with us.

Next in our series is our Communications Liaison, Brittany King!

Get to Know the Team

What is your role within LFW and why did you decide to volunteer for our blog?


I’m the Communication Liaison and currently help manage the events calendar and weekly Fun File. I volunteered for Living Fort Wayne because, being born and raised in the Fort, I love the city and I think it has many amazing things to offer that not enough people know about! I’m a writer so helping Living Fort Wayne promote a city I love through a medium I love is a perfect fit.


Tell us one thing about your life outside of LFW. (Job, Family, pets, hobbies, etc).


I have the most wonderful 3-year-old daughter. Her name is Annabelle. She thinks she’s a dog most of the time, but that’s okay because I love dogs (I love animals, really). But really, she’s great. She’s a good excuse to go to the zoo almost daily in the summer, and to watch a ton of Clifford and Magic School Bus with no judgment. If we’re not at the zoo or watching some really great ‘90s cartoons, then we are probably reading books or at the theatre.


If you could live any other place in the world, beside FW, where would you live and why?


I want to live everywhere. I can’t even realistically answer that question. I love travel and I love adventure and exploring other cultures.


If you had a friend coming in from out of town, what is the one can’t-miss thing you would show them or do with them in FW?


Uh, the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. Or honestly, for a more age-appropriate good time, I’d block out a couple days to just explore downtown. People don’t understand how wonderful it is and how many hidden gems we have, not to mention the already well-known things DTFW has to offer. … We’d do a lot of eating.


If you were going to karaoke tonight, what song would you sing?


I refuse to do karaoke. To be honest, I really only know the words to show tunes or some alternative, indie-rock bands. My boyfriend likes doing karaoke, and I feel like if I pick a legitimate song he’s going to make me sing it.

Stay tuned next month for another glimpse into one of Living Fort Wayne’s volunteers. If you’d like to learn more about opportunities to help out with our blog, send us an email (info@livingfortwayne.com) or reach out to us on Social Media:



We’re always interested in meeting with other folks who are passionate about sharing all that’s great about living, working and playing right here in Fort Wayne!

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