Summer Nights at the Embassy

Dancers performing at the Embassy
Want to spice up your summer nights? I’ve got just the recommendation. On the next free Wednesday you have, try Summer Nights at the Embassy. From the food and drinks, to the entertainment, to the spectacular views of downtown, it’s a great time. What does the event entail? Well, let me tell you about my experience.

Summer Nights at the Embassy consists of local food, entertainment, and a cash bar, and takes place in the Embassy Theatre’s newly renovated ballroom, as well as on the Parkview rooftop patio each Wednesday until September 7th. Tickets are five dollars, and it is a casual “come and go as you wish” type of event. Doors open at 5PM and close at 9PM.

On the night I attended, Tacos Bravas  served delicious food, and dAnce Kontemporary was the featured entertainment. Every fifteen minutes, a group of dancers performed beautifully engaging and captivating routines while people, sitting at round tables, casually chatted, sipped on their mixed drinks, and ate mini tortas. Overall, as mentioned above, the night was delightful.

Continuing on, the cash bar is stocked with local beer and spirits from Three Rivers Distilling Company. So, the entire event is made up of local businesses and talent. The food rotates each week between Tacos Bravas, Club Soda, and Salud! Tapas & Tequila. The schedule for the event with the respective food and entertainment can be found on the Embassy Theatre’s website or Facebook page.

If you’re looking for fun, different activities to do this summer, I definitely encourage you to visit the Embassy Theatre. The ballroom and rooftop are beautiful, the staff is kind and informative in regards to the building, and the food and drinks are satisfying. Plus, the local entertainment captivates audiences each week, with something for everyone’s taste. Come see the newly renovated Embassy ballroom, support local talent and businesses, and enjoy yourself!


Author: Shelby Cook

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