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Summer is upon us as evidenced by the long hot days, children (okay, and me) playing Pokémon Go in the streets, and endless festivities. Between weddings, backyard parties, baby showers, birthday parties, and dog adoptions parties (yes, that is a thing) it oftentimes seems like there are not enough hours in the day to get anything done. That’s where Waiter on the Way comes in.

You most likely have heard of Waiter on the Way, Fort Wayne’s locally owned restaurant food delivery service, that brings over 150 restaurants directly to you. Owner Derek Berkes prides himself on excellent customer service and delivering beyond expectations. Having been with the business 15 years, he has has seen it expand from food delivery, an acquisition of local dessert staple Vanilla Bean Unique Cookies (can I just tell you how addicting the Lemon Ricotta cookies are?!), and a change in locale. The business exploded in popularity and demand until it literally ran out of space. Berkes made the decision to move downtown to be more central to the city and create better visibility with an actual storefront, WOW Factor, that serves quick grab-and-go boxed lunches that include delicious sandwiches, salads, and, of course, the aforementioned cookie.

In typical fashion, Waiter on the Way is expanding once again with the addition of WOW Factor Catering. This new venture has Berkes partnering with General Manager, Brandi Schorey, to custom-make creative culinary concoctions for anything from bridal showers to dinner parties, baby showers, weddings, and more. I was especially intrigued by the brunch option in which you can design your very own backyard brunch (or indoors if you prefer!) for you and your friends. They deliver everything to your specifications, including utensils, and can even bring the beer and wine as long as you give them advanced notice! Its like Uber for your party!

While you have the ability to order pre-designed items online, Brandi recommends that you contact her directly so that she can work with you on custom-designing your event. She has been working with Waiter on the Way for 13 years and has organized numerous events. She can help you navigate through your event menu and make sure everything matches your specifications. When I met with her she was overflowing with ideas from custom-designed cupcakes to mouth watering entrees. You can even schedule time for a tasting to see what flavor profiles you prefer. Nakia, formerly the in-house baker at Vanilla Bean, designs many of the desserts on their menu and enjoys the creative challenge. I peeped her Hello Kitty cupcakes that were custom-made for an event and they were beyond adorable!

Nikita's adorable custom cupcakes. PC: Stephen J. Bailey

Nikita’s adorable custom cupcakes. PC: Stephen J. Bailey

You will be able to sample some of Waiter on the Way’s food creativity later this month at Taste of the Arts and Zoo Brew. Rumor has it that there may be a bourbon pecan pie that is to die for. Be sure to check our WOW Factor Catering for your next event. Let the food come to you!

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