Lazer X Is Back!

Have you heard? Lazer X is back. Yes, that’s right!

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Lazer X was, until recently, closed because of a fire. However, the business has since reopened in the same location, and several improvements have been made. So, since Lazer X is back, let me suggest a few ways you can plan a day around your next intergalactic adventure.  

First off, the day my friends and I went we planned on playing around 7PM. Though, keep in mind, depending on the day you go, you’ll want to check what hours are most busy, and go then because the larger the group the more fun you’re going to have! Additionally, Lazer X has daily specials posted on their website for you to check out, and—last side-note—here is a coupon: two games for $10.

Moving on, if you’re going to spend an afternoon or evening running around, you’ll need to fuel up prior. Where should you go for a late lunch? We ate at the food court in Glenbrook Square Mall, and then window-shopped and sipped Starbucks. Cebolla’s, which is within walking distance of Lazer X, is another convenient option. Overall, just pick something everyone can agree on!

Next, we spent some time playing games in the upgraded arcade at Lazer X while waiting for some stragglers of our group to show. Once everyone was present, we each bought two games. A single game is about 15 minutes long, and SO much fun!

Finally, after we finished our second game, my friends and I went to 816 Pint & Slice for dinner and drinks. Although, if you’re not yet hungry you could also go to the discount movie theater in Coventry, Apollo Coventry 13. It’s nice to relax and put your feet up after two games of running around.

All in all, with the weather getting colder, this is a great indoor activity most people can enjoy and participate in. So I encourage you to get a group of friends together and go!

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Author: Shelby Cook

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