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Have you ever wondered who the people behind Living Fort Wayne are? Or maybe you’re curious about the different things our team does every day that make Living Fort Wayne the go-to destination for all the great things happening in our city. In this new spotlight series, we’ll be featuring a few of our amazing volunteers who will share a bit about their contributions to Living Fort Wayne and what they do outside of their volunteer work with us.

Today we are spotlighting the man behind the curtain of our popular Living Fort Wayne Instagram account, Stephen J. Bailey!

What is your role with Living Fort Wayne and why did you decide to volunteer for us?
I volunteered because I really love our community. I remember being at the very first meeting for LFW almost five years ago and am proud at how much it has evolved. I don’t know many volunteer-based organizations in our area that have this kind of staying power. I currently write one quarterly article featuring the people and places of Fort Wayne, manage the LFW Instagram account, and am the back up for the other social media channels.

Tell us one thing about your life outside of Living Fort Wayne!
I eat more sushi than anyone that I know. Fort Wayne’s sushi cuisine and options have grown exponentially in the last decade and I’ve sampled them all. I know friends from outside states that envy our sushi options and it makes me think, “If we can be envied for something as simple as sushi, then I can’t wait to see the future of the Riverfront, downtown development, and high speed rail in our area.”

If you could live any place in the world, besides Fort Wayne, where would you live and why?
Austin, Texas. It’s close to the beach. It has that southern charm with a liberal balance to it. It’s full of techies, creatives, great food, great weather, and a bright future. I often think of it when working for our future in Fort Wayne. They have completely changed how people think of their city.

If you had a friend coming in from out of town, what is the one can’t miss thing you would show them or do with them in Fort Wayne?
I would take them kayaking on the river followed by dinner at one of our local downtown establishments. The river is an incredible yet spiritual experience, and our food here is second to none.

If you were going to karaoke tonight, what song would you sing?
I can kill it as Stephan Jenkins from Third Eye Blind but my secret talent is Whitney Houston. If you can get me three drinks, I can do an incredible performance of “I Will Always Love You”. You can usually find me at Chevvy’s.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next spotlight with another one of Living Fort Wayne’s volunteers. If you’d like to learn more about opportunities to help out with our blog, send us an email at info@livingfortwayne.com or reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook


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