Abode: A trendy home decor boutique in Leo?!

I’ll admit it – Leo-Cedarville, Indiana may not be the first place that comes to mind when searching for inspiring and fresh home décor. You might not expect that the little gray house on Center St. in the heart of Leo’s downtown holds such unique and stylish pieces, but one glance from the outside draws you in! Owner and interior designer Carey Burchfield and her husband Nick completely remodeled this pre-1900s home and transformed it into their chic new home store called Abode Design + Decor. I sat down with Carey to chat about how it all came about.


Walk me through the process of the transformation this house has undergone?

Abode came about because I’ve always wanted a retail design storefront. A little over a year after finishing our own 2 year farmhouse remodel, I drove by this run down little home right on the major highway thru town and close to my home. I could instantly see the potential for the building and the location for a business/design storefront. After viewing the space with my husband, who seemed much more enthusiastic than I expected, we decided that this quaint 900 sq. ft. home was nothing compared to the renovations we had done on our own home. We jumped and took a leap of faith.


A vintage chandelier that was found at a garage sale welcomes customers as they step into the space.

Renovations took us about 8 months. One area even required a chain saw to cut out the existing unlevel floor joists (which were actually just tree trunks). The floors are all the original hardwood dating pre-1900.


One layer of tongue and groove flooring was salvaged and reused in the window display area, and laid to create the most beautiful chevron pattern in what is now the bathroom.



The kitchen area serves multiple uses for the store from event entertaining, to office space or workshop depending on the day.



The ceiling over the loft is covered in a random collection of trim boards salvaged from our own farmhouse and completed with handmade string ball light fixtures.



The exterior of the home was given its own facelift with fresh paint, impressive shutters and planters designed and built by my husband to compliment the new porch rail, and fresh landscape.

It’s a space that you have to see in person to appreciate. My goal was to create an environment where as soon as clients walk through the door they immediately fall in love.

My favorite thing about the store is the furniture, are some of these restored vintage pieces?

I like furniture that catches my eye, just something in my gut that says I’m beautiful, take me home!


Tossed out pieces can be loved and appreciated again when looked at through new lenses.


If the furniture needs a facelift that doesn’t scare me. Furniture I buy for the store, whether classic or unique, needs to be relevant to today’s design trends. I need to be able to envision it either in my own home or a clients. I definitely want people to find one of a kind pieces in my store that they can’t get anywhere else.

Do you offer interior design services if someone wanted to recreate this type of look in their own home?

I offer design services for any type of style a client has. I like to get a feel for what my clients are looking to accomplish in their homes, how they use their spaces and what functions well for them.


It isn’t really about me bringing my style to them, my goal is for clients to love the homes they live in.

What is one element someone can change in their home that can really make a statement and give a space a fresh look?

One of the simplest things someone can do is to declutter their space. Take out the unimportant and unneeded items that take up space in your home and in your life.


Simplify artwork and collections you already own and group them in a way that makes sense (this is the part that sometimes takes a designer’s eye).


 I find that most people already have a few elements in their homes that they love. Don’t be afraid to live in simplicity while you wait for the right piece, but if after six months or a year you feel stuck, it’s time to bring in someone to help you.

Be sure to stop in and see Abode for yourself, and follow Carey on social media at

Facebook: www.facebook.com/abodeoncenter

Instagram: @abode_on_center

Email: abodeoncenter@gmail.com

Address: 15025 Center St. Leo, IN 46765

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