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Have you ever wondered who the people behind Living Fort Wayne are? Or maybe you’re curious about the different things our team does every day that make Living Fort Wayne the go-to destination for all the great things happening in our city. In this spotlight series, we’ll be featuring a few of our amazing contributors who will share a bit about their role in Living Fort Wayne and what they do outside of their work with us.

Today we are spotlighting the woman behind our popular Living Fort Wayne “Food & Drink” series, Reneta Thurairatnam!

lfw-food-drink-logoWhat is your role with Living Fort Wayne and why did you decide to write for our blog?
I serve as a features writer for anything food and drink related that is happening in the Fort! A dear friend who knows I have a penchant for eating out (mostly because I cannot cook anything more skilled than ramen) recommended me for the role. It’s fun to get the inside scoop on what’s going on in the food and drink scene. I love chatting with new business owners, because they are so passionate about what they are doing!

Tell us one thing about your life outside of Living Fort Wayne.
By day I am a Wealth Advisor for Lake City Bank, which I absolutely love. I get to help people achieve their financial goals, and it’s a pretty fun gig! I am married to Steve AKA “the biggest Packers fan in the world” and am mummy to Kitty (my first born cat, who eats all things bacon), Raji (my rescue goldendoodle) and Jordy (Raji’s sheepadoodle). You can follow the doglets on Instagram at raji_parker.and.jordy where they do things like beg for treats and look cute.

Reneta Photo

Reneta Thurairatnam (Courtesy photo)

If you could live any other place in the world besides Fort Wayne, where would you live and why?
Gah! I have to pick one place?! I love to travel so this is tough. At this moment, I would pick Italy. Amazing food, wine, people, and the language is beautiful. I have a daily calendar with Italian phrases in my office. Today’s phrase is “Porta sempre i tachhi alti,” which means “She always wears high heels.” This is so appropriate, because I ALWAYS wear high heels!

If you had a friend coming in from out of town, what is the one can’t miss thing you would show them or do with them in Fort Wayne?
Downtown obviously! Food trucks, amazing farm to fork restaurants, art shows, coffee shops, the local ballet, shows at the Embassy, events at the Grand Wayne, outdoor markets, boutique shopping, and parks – all within 99 blocks!

If you were going to karaoke tonight, what song would you sing?
No. Just no. I do not sing. Maybe I would rap the Beastie Boys or some “Mom’s Spaghetti”. Actually I think the only thing I know all the words to is the Preamble to the Constitution from School House Rock. Want me to sing it? Oh, I see. OK. Well if you ever need that, I’m your gal.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next spotlight with another one of Living Fort Wayne’s contributors. If you’d like to learn more about opportunities to help out with our blog, send us an email at info@livingfortwayne.com or reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook

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