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If you are looking to enter a beard competition, Bryan and Kate Conrad have you covered. With a rad assortment of beard oils, beard balms, gnarly beard sudz wash, hot oil beard treatments, shave oil, tattoo salve, and hand painted beard brushes, this team has helped gnarly beards be recognized nationally. This team is seeking to perfect the art of healthy grooming while redefining customer service and giving back.

Gnarly Beard Co Variety Beard Oils Pack

Gnarly Beard was born out of frustration with a product that they purchased online. Its subpar quality was not justified by its price tag. So, with a desire for something better and a military reimbursement check, Gnarly Beard Co was born. Bryan and Kate’s business is supported and inspired by each other (pause for the response to cuteness). They say that their greatest success is the community encouragement they received. This has allowed them to create more than just one line of their products and expand outside of the grooming realm.

Gnarly Sudz Beard Wash

An important lesson propelling them forward is interacting with customers like they are family and friends. While it can become difficult to remember everyone’s names, preferences, and personal history, it makes all the difference. Many of these interactions are just small gestures. These small steps with customers lay important foundations in building the business and good customer relationships. When Bryan and Kate aren’t working on Gnarly Beard, they are indulging in their favorite hobby: parenting!

Sabretooth Balm

Get down to the market and take care of your beard! Also, check out their website, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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