Find Volunteer Opportunities through United Way of Allen County’s New Volunteer Hub

Our community is full of wonderful people. It’s also full of wonderful organizations and great opportunities. If you find yourself looking for ways to become more involved in our beautiful city, United Way of Allen County’s volunteer portal just might be the answer you’re searching for.

From financial support of local nonprofits, to advocating on behalf of things like early childhood education and connecting individuals to resources through 2-1-1, United Way of Allen County supports and advances our community in a variety of ways. It made sense, then, that they’d be the type of organization that would see a need, then step up and see what they can do to meet that need.

The United Way of Allen County volunteer portal is an online hub for individuals to find volunteer opportunities in our community. Individuals can create an account and scroll through a list of needs to find a volunteer opportunity that’s a perfect fit. Individuals can filter their search by availability, interests, skill-sets and more. The search brings up all the necessary information about the organization and the volunteer position, often linking directly to a webpage where the potential volunteer can apply, or at least providing the contact information for the individual at the organization responsible for volunteers.

“It makes finding a volunteer opportunity so much easier, because not only can you search for the specific opportunities you’d be interested in, but you can also contact the agency directly,” says Tiffani Arnold, Manager of Strategic Volunteer Engagement at United Way of Allen County.

She’s right. I decided to test the site and see what opportunities were available to me. After creating an account, it asked me to list some of my interests, talents, and choose some example organizations that I liked. I then searched for volunteer opportunities in Marketing, since that’s my strongest skill, and bam! I was paired with a Marketing and Communications need at Early Childhood Alliance. All I had to do was fill out a form with a quick note and my availability, and wait for them to contact me. Perfection.

Anyone can create an account and use the hub to find volunteer positions, and it’s 100% free for both the individual using it and the organization advertising on it. That’s huge for nonprofits where extra money for advertising isn’t always available. We love the hub, and we love that we have organizations in our community that are committed bringing us all together.

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