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Beautiful Day Bath Bombs by Old Fort Soap Company

Who’s better at recommending a good soap than a friend? That’s why Gary and Hagan are started offering you their vast assortment of natural products from real, natural lye soap, to bath and body products, to house and home supplies. The best part is that you know exactly what is in every product, without having a degree in chemistry!
As the name implies, Old Fort Soap has been around for some time now. More than 11 years ago, Gary and Hagan started out of a need to resolve their own skin care concerns that mass market products could not. Soon family and friends got hooked on the products, and Old Fort Soap Company was born. That same group of family and friends are still their greatest supporters today. Getting the company off the ground began with $250, no experience, and the desire to make something better. For the first 7 years of Old Fort Soap, they held day jobs as their friends base grew to the point where they could sustain themselves on just the business. Today, they are one of our largest vendors and sell out of most of their products every market. When Gary and Hagan can get away, they travel, spend time at their cabin with family and friends, and participate in community programs to support the less fortunate.
Friends coming back after using their products is always a rewarding experience. The soap does smell great, but the benefits of natural lye soap brings people back time and time again. These successes have enabled them to reach their goals, but they are always setting new ones to achieve. They have learned a couple of lessons in their journey as well. In the past few years, they have been facing increasing competition with new soap vendors coming to the market. “You must be prepared to face that competition and know that it will keep you strong.” It took 7 years before Gary and Hagan could work on Old Fort Soap full-time, so they know that slow and steady wins the race. You have to put aside your doubts and fears, and keep plugging away at what you know is working.
Get out to the market this summer and find Gary and Hagan (they only have the largest tent at the market)! Follow them on Facebook and visit their website.
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