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Cheyenne Gonzales loves to create, and she’s sharing this passion with the community. She started Knotoday earlier this year as her first business, along with the local creative group, Photanical. Cheyenne sells fiber art pieces: macrame wall hangings, plant holders, keychains, garlands, and select knitted pieces that garnish your home in style. All of her macrame pieces are 100% cotton and hand dyed. Not only can you buy her works of art, but also you can make your own! Knotoday shares the creative knowledge of fiber art making in local workshops.


Cheyenne got started selling pieces to friends and family. The inspiration for Cheyenne is her grandmother Vicki, the “Queen Crafter,” who is always willing to show Cheyenne new ideas and techniques.Word spread of her business with the help of social media, which has been a great communication tool for introducing Knotoday. While the goal is to continually grow Knotoday, she maintains a full-time job as an Insurance Specialist for Specialist Transportation. Outside of her passion of Knotoday, Cheyenne is a yogi at Pranayoga, a mom to her cat Johanna, and the biggest Jim Carrey fan you will ever meet.

Photo: Knotoday Facebook



The most important lesson Cheyenne has learned through starting Knotoday is to show appreciation to the people and opportunities that come your way. She is extremely grateful for to the small team who has been supporting her through this journey. After months of working on her craft, and a lifetime of developing her creativity, Cheyenne has learned that whatever you do, do it every day – be involved in your craft every single day.



Come down to the YLNI Farmers Market this summer to check out Knotoday and the unique products Cheyenne has to offer. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and upcoming workshops!

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