#IGersFortWayne: Creating a Community for Imagemakers

A picture is worth a thousand words. Instagram makes it so easy now to see beautiful images taken by photographers of all skill levels. Because of geotags and hashtags, you can see pictures taken around your area. If you’ve seen the hashtag #IGersFortWayne, you can view beautiful images taken by image makers in Fort Wayne.


IGersFortWayne’s mission is to curate a creative community of image makers in the Fort Wayne area. Through team members Megan Hevel, Sean O’Leary, Danielle Doepke, and Mollie Shutt, the group is paving the way to a strong community with a big following, image makers and non-image makers alike. Megan said, “It’s an Instagram page that is meant to facilitate community for image makers in the Fort Wayne area. We are seeking to bring like-minded people together, to make connections, inspire one another, and experience Fort Wayne in new ways through photography.”



With the redevelopment of Fort Wayne and the ease of access to the images of Instagram, IGersFortWayne is reframing the way people view the city. Everyone who shares an image shares a different perspective, changing how others see Fort Wayne. “It promotes growth, builds a stronger creative community, and seeks to capture the best parts of our ever-evolving city. As we support and encourage one another, we become better and are able to contribute more to the community we love,” said Megan.



But you don’t have to consider yourself a professional or even a photographer to submit an image to IGersFortWayne. By using the term imagemaker, the community is welcoming to all kinds of imagery creators, from those pursuing a career in photography to those who shoot photos on their phone. IGersFortWayne is an inclusive community, and the more creativity contributed, the more inspiration ignites.




Each of the team members contributes to the group by posting features on the IGersFortWayne Instagram feed during the week. As a team, they collaborate to come up with new ideas for image cultivation and organizing instameets. An instameet is an event where image makers are invited to gather to explore the Fort Wayne area and photograph together.



Megan said, “Through these meet-ups, we are able to encourage and push one another creatively, develop friendships, and grow the creative community. An instameet can be as simple as walking around downtown looking for new, interesting ways to capture the city. It can also be more specific and unique, like the instameet we did at The Clyde Theater. We have partnered with other organizations, like Visit Fort Wayne, the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, Middle Waves, and the Arts United Center to provide cool, new experiences.”



The team members hope to continue creating more exciting instameet opportunities and potentially teaming up with other IGers groups in the area. Many of these groups exist for others cities and regions, providing the community to image makers all over the country.


IGersFortWayne is curating a creative community of image makers in the Fort Wayne area. Follow them on Instagram to see the beautiful image feed, check back for the upcoming instameets, or share your own images when you post on IG with the hashtag #IGersFortWayne. Ready, aim, shoot.



Author: Micheala Pattison

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