New to Fort Wayne: Diving Into the Three Rivers

A year ago, if you would’ve told me I’d leave my job, and move to Indiana to live with a girlfriend and two kids, I would’ve easily called you crazy. I’ve always been an introverted loner, and living in Kentucky, who wanted to move back to the East Coast, or even go west. Fast forward to today, and here I am… writing a blog… about how I left my job to move to Indiana to live with a girlfriend and two kids.

As I dive into this new adventure, I figure I may as well document my experiences. Well, figuring out how the whole family thing works might be a little difficult to write about, but I can at least share some of our adventures in my new home. Along the way, maybe I can even turn others on to some interesting, unique, and fun things to do in Summit City.

Moving to a different place can be intimidating but exciting at the same time. Everything is new. Where do you start? I usually just think of things I like, and go find them.

I like food (who doesn’t?). This is obviously not a hard one to find, and you’re probably not going to run out of choices any time soon. From breakfast at Cindy’s Diner, to dessert at Eddie Merlot’s, I’ve gotten a good sample of Fort Wayne cuisine. Actually, the more I think of examples–sushi at Pho-Shi, Powers burgers, The Golden –I’ve sampled a lot more than I initially thought. Oh, and the food trucks could easily have their own blog.

I like beer. As one of those beer snobs, local breweries are a must. Luckily, I’ve had no problems finding some good ones. Mad Anthony was the first local beer I checked out. Summit City Brewerks has been the most visited. Trubble’s great, as is Junk Ditch and the rest. Ok, really, it’s not like there are any bad ones, or ones I haven’t tried. Maybe I’m not as snobbish as I thought.

I like music. Seeing live shows has been my go-to activity for about the last 20 years. While I have yet to see any big-name acts at the Coliseum, I’ve caught a handful of local and national talent at smaller venues. No bands have disappointed me at the Brass Rail. I’ve found some talented musicians at aforementioned breweries and even enjoyed some metal from School of Rock at Friday Nites Live.

Along with these three pleasures, I can’t count the number of festivals I’ve been to or heard about. Toss in the numerous parks, businesses, and organizations, and I have no doubt that I can keep finding plenty of adventures here in Fort Wayne.

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Kurtis Gelwicks

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