Guild of Allusion: Building an Industry with Creativity

One month ago, Guild of Allusion opened its doors to nobles, lords, and royals alike. This kingdom of art and creativity, led by owners Larry and Abraham, is the latest build guild to hit the market. Fort Wayne has a pretty small competition of this company type, so they are optimistic. They have even attracted two world-renowned artists into their workspace!

When you walk in the door, you are hit with space. You have space to move, space to work, and space to be creative. Common tools line the shelves around the room. Many of these tools I didn’t even know the names of. As they were describing the lathe, compound sliding saw, 3D printers, drill press, kiln, table saw, surger, sewing machines, sprayers, and welding tools, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed. What else could you need? Larry then said, “Look at the shelves and tell me what you see.” As a stereotypical female, I said “stuff that I don’t know how to use.” He replied, “Space and empty shelves.” They have empty shelves so the clients can tell them what they need. While they don’t provide the supplies for a project, they help provide the space and the tools.

You see much more than shelves and tools in the Guild of Allusion. You could look around and see projects being built from nothing. I saw a costume, a 3D printer and a clear bookshelf. People had already bead-blasted appliances, made furniture, made a dance pole and so much more. My first thought was about the creativity that goes into the projects. I was corrected. Larry said, “It isn’t about the creativity, it is about the time. You can have creativity, but if you don’t put time into it, you’ll never accomplish anything.”

This business is the same way. It is a little bit of creativity and a lot of time. This is a unique concept of a business for this area. They are frequently trying to accommodate not only their schedules, but the schedules of the members. Royal members are offered 24 hour access. Other membership levels have varying prices and access levels. As is the theme of the business, they reward loyalty. The first 20 members will receive 50% off, the second 20 members will receive 25% off.

Guild of Allusion is located at 1025 Goshen Avenue in Fort Wayne. They are open Monday through Thursday 1:00 PM-10:00 PM, Friday 1:00 PM-12:00 AM, Saturday and Sunday 10:00 AM-12:00 AM. Professional artists, students, and people looking for hobby space are all welcome. For more information, visit their website.

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Victoria Sarjeant

Author: Victoria Sarjeant

Victoria moved from to Fort Wayne from Greentown, IN in 2007. She received her BA in Political Science. She presented "Building Affinity Groups to Engage a New Generation of Alumni" at 2015 CASE V Conference and "Regional Talent Retention" at the 2017 CASE V Conference. She received the 2016 IPFW Distinguished Service Award, and was a director-at-large for IPFWAA Board of Directors. the secretary on the Emerging Leaders Alliance Executive Committee, vice chair of Living Fort Wayne Committee, a member of YLNI, a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters, and she runs her own business in her free time. She also owns I'm Not Wining, LLC and is an independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils.

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