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After performing at his first open mic night years ago, Micheal Moses fell in love with comedy. For the past 12 years, he has performed at comedy clubs throughout the U.S. and Canada. Now Moses is back in Fort Wayne with the mission to make the city laugh.


Wanting to challenge the naysayers who constantly say there is nothing to do in Fort Wayne, Moses officially opened the Fort Wayne Comedy Club in June 2017. Located at 2104 South Calhoun Street, shows play every Saturday night. Tickets for the events can be bought in advance for $15 on their website, or $20 at the door. And in case you work up an appetite while laughing, the comedy club also provides southern style dinner options.


Looking down the road, Moses’ goal is to continue to make his business a world class comedy club that brings in headline performers that compete with larger markets.


Moses spoke a little bit about entrepreneurship in Fort Wayne, here’s what he had to say.


What made you decide to open a business in Fort Wayne/Northeast Indiana?

For several years I have utilized several venues around town to promote the brand Mike Moses Presents under labels like Art & Soul of the City, Notes & Words, Link Up!, & Pro Amateur Comedy Showcase.  An opportunity opened up where I could add professional stand-up comedy to this repertoire.


What resource in the community has helped you thrive in the community? 

The people! Like Randi Lincoln with her networking groups, Allen Helms, Jomare and Elizabeth Mizzell, as well as the folks at Anthony Wayne Medical Associates and Summit pharmacy, just to name a few. They have, and continue to lend their time, talent and knowledge not to mention access to their resources.


What is the biggest challenge you have worked to overcome in starting your business?

In a word, the naysayers.

What person has helped you the most in your journey? 

The owners of 2104 better known as @2104 Fort Wayne


What is some advice you would have for new entrepreneurs?

Before Columbus discovered the New World, Leonardo Da Vinci drew up the concept of a flying machine that could carry a person, his contemporaries labeled the idea as crazy. Some 500 years later people are actually flying. My point is this, never let a naysayer tell you it can’t be done, or that’s a crazy idea.


What would be the best thing Fort Wayne could do for entrepreneurs in your opinion?

As we as a city move forward with the redevelopment of the downtown area, there needs to be a better and more thorough understanding of inclusivity as it relates to the needs and challenges of small businesses (entrepreneurs).


Find out more information about Fort Wayne Comedy Club by visiting their website.

Check out Michael Moses at his recent 1 Million Cups presentation. 1 Million Cups is “an event for local entrepreneurs to meet and present their startups to the thriving peer network of founders in Fort Wayne.” Events occur every Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. at Sweetwater. Check out their website for up-to-date information.


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Author: Nicole Kurut

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