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Emily Brown’s passion for leather craftsmanship has led her to create quality leather bags that much of the community now owns and recognizes. Emily’s journey to success started at just ten years old, when she first started working with leather. As she continued to perfect her craft, M Bar M Leather Design was born while Emily was working at a ranch in Colorado. She was building saddles and taking on projects for the staff. It has been six years since Emily initially launched M Bar M Leather Design, and she has received support and inspiration from people at every step of the journey. This inspiration embodies her goal to create bags that the strength and style of the people who carry them.
When Emily started M Bar M Leather Design, she was working another job, while pursuing her leather designing passion in her basement. However, the success of M Bar M Leather Design has allowed Emily to pursue her business full-time for the past three years. Today, she will see her customers sporting her bags out in public. Emily loves when customers get excited to see her, because they are carrying something she created, though she doesn’t “know who gets more excited – them or me.” When Emily is not with her customers or making the next bag, she spends a great deal of time with her 28 nieces and nephews and being an avid Crossfitter.

Over the years of being a small business owner, Emily has learned not to try to appeal to everyone, and to just be herself, doing what she does to the best of her ability. This focus has helped her value her time. While a small business owner never runs out of things to do, she has learned that some things can wait. Emily feels that she has accomplished what she set out to do, and her adventurous spirit always is looking for the next challenge to pursue.
Come out to the YLNI Farmers Market this summer to check out M Bar M Leather Design. Visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.
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