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Meet one of the businesses that started with the YLNI Farmer’s Market! Lindsay Miller found her passion for baking growing up, and it has continued ever since. Today, both the market and her store, Abigail’s Confections offers from scratch baked goods and confections made with real ingredients with the help of Cherie King and her fiancé, Tyler. Many of the recipes are twists on classic family recipes to add that extra deliciousness. Despite only being a three year-old business, Lindsay is accomplishing her goal of “bringing back the way baking use to be” using fruit sauces, Graham crackers, and caramel without the preservatives.

Along with her family experience, Lindsay went to school for Hospitality Administration specializing in Baking and Pastry. During that time, she worked in restaurants and grocery store bakeries, and with the support of her fiancé and mother-in-law, began building Abigail’s Confections. The rather humorous part though, is the initial spark to create a bakery was from watching Charm City with Duff. Lindsay found it quite funny and decided to take her baking passion forward and add some decorating to it. From there, Lindsay crunched some numbers and funded her dream with…a garage sale. Knowing that a loan could be difficult to handle, Lindsay got enough money together to pay for her market space, buy a tent, and purchase enough supplies for her first day at the market. After her success at the market, Lindsay took her home kitchen to a certified commercial kitchen where she could begin selling anywhere. Eventually her success led her to opening a store front in downtown on East Wayne Street. This has enabled her to dedicate all her energy to the business. Her greatest accomplishment is getting her name on the store front! When Lindsay is not at the store, kitchen, or market she is spending time with her Tyler or 2-year-old niece.

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While Lindsay has achieved many of her goals, she has learned some important lessons along the way. When you have a good month, save. The bakery food business is not consistent, so hang on to extra cash from those good months to keep you going through the off months. A bit of advice that she offers to prospective entrepreneurs is make sure it is something you want to do. It must be that thing that gets you out of bed in the morning.
Come down to the market from some real sweetness! Find the Abigail’s Confection team at the market and their store front at 236 E Wayne St, Fort Wayne, In 46802. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.
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