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What does it mean to support the troops?

It’s an old, tired, overused phrase that has become more of a reaction and a political talking point than any true declaration of support. Politicians across the spectrum will constantly argue over which one of them supports the troops more. People will put a sticker on their car, have it on their license plate or a host of other meaningless gestures. None of those are worth anything if there is no action behind them.

So what does action look like? What can the average person do to actually show their support for those who volunteered to defend the country they live in? Nick Ladig, owner of HT2, a cocktail bar in southwest Fort Wayne, is taking matters into his own hands this Saturday with a fundraiser for The Shepherd’s House.

“Men and women who go off to serve our country are sacrificing all they have and all they know so that we can do things like open businesses, enjoy ourselves and feel safe,” Ladig said. “It’s only right that we take care of them once they come back to the civilian world.”

This Saturday, when HT2 has a limited number of drink and food specials, a portion of the proceeds will go to benefit The Shepherd’s House, a transitional living facility that houses veterans with substance abuse issues. Currently going through a capital fundraising campaign, Shepherd’s House is attempting to secure enough funding to ensure operations beyond 2018.

Ladig, who used to work for Hotel Tango Artisan Distillery in Indianapolis, knew that Shepherd’s House was a cause worthy of his support when he started to research local charities to support.

“Hotel Tango was started by a combat wounded Marine Corps veteran,” he said, “so it made sense to support these veteran-oriented organizations. There are charities like DAV [Disabled American Veterans] or Wounded Warrior Foundation, but I wanted the money to have a much more local impact.”

Here is the lineup of events and activities:

  • Tacos Bravas will be serving up items from their menu from 12 to 4
  • Special cocktail concoctions will be served all day and night
  • There will be a prize raffle and a donation collection.

Shepherd’s House is requesting new socks and underwear and hygiene products for the male veterans they serve. It should be a fun and worthwhile cause.

For more information about the Veterans Day Shepherd’s House Fundraiser, click here.


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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Noon to Midnight


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