Our Top Posts from 2017

Fort Wayne in 2017 was full of intriguing stories from new dining options to familiar festivals to people who make you think, laugh or both. Living Fort Wayne set several new readership and social media records, which will go down as the social media hub’s most popular year to date.

Take a look at our top posts LFW readers loved the most this year as we switch to my “imaginary radio DJ countdown voice!”

Number 5 – 07 Pub

Starting us off at number five – a ZIP code experiencing a renaissance in Fort Wayne is 46807 (or the ’07). Our popular “Food & Drink” writer Reneta Thurairatnam took a look at 07 Pub – your new favorite place to hang out. Have you been there yet to hang out?

Number 4 – Abode

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Great new things in our area aren’t just within Fort Wayne’s city limits! Writer and photographer Ashley Clauss gave us an inside look at one of the area’s trendiest home decor boutiques. This boutique is located in – surprise – Leo-Cedarville!  Take a gander at Ashley’s aesthetically-pleasing writing and photography in our number four post of the year, Abode: A Trendy Home Boutique in Leo?!

Number 3 – Umi Seafood and Sushi Fort Wayne

We started off 2017 with a bang with Reneta’s hot scoop on Umi – a new sushi restaurant located in southwest Fort Wayne. That helped make January 2nd one of our most popular days ever and this post our third most popular post of the year!

Number 2 – Pumpkin Patches and More Fall Fun

Each year our leadership team eagerly awaits our annual “pumpkin patch” readership bump. Or maybe it’s just me? This year was no different as pumpkin patches and fall fun ruled our autumn nights and finished number two for the year. Look for our 2018 edition in September.

Number 1 – Just Cream Ice Cream Boutique

File – Courtesy photo from our February 28 feature article on Just Cream Ice Cream Boutique.

It may be freezing cold in Fort Wayne to close out 2017, but our hottest post of the year is all about ice cream. Just Cream is an ice cream boutique on the north side of the city located on Dupont Road. This piece was authored (once again) by Reneta, our venerable “Food & Drink” writer. Fort Wayne folks really love their ice cream!

Top Posts – Five Honorable Mentions (from 2017)

Some Popular Favorites (from 2012-16)

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  • Story subjects that are adding to the fabric of our community.
  • Support from Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana (YLNI).
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  • Past leaders and contributors who set this team up for success from their past success.
  • And readers who take time out of the day to read material produced by this locally-sourced team.

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Edited December 30, 2017

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