Cartt Delivery: What you don’t know about this popular local delivery service

You’ve probably heard the buzz around the local, on-demand moving service called Cartt that took off in 2017, but did you know that these local entrepreneurs didn’t always plan to be the “Uber of Movers” or the “Uber for pick-up trucks?” Join me in this quick “Did you know?” conversation with Dylan Belcher, co-founder and CEO of Cartt.

They have a small but mighty team.

In 2017, Dylan Belcher, Justin Davis, and Seth Lugibihl built Cartt with the assistance of Steven Kennedy, one of their drivers. Like other on-demand companies, they use technology, helpers, and hands to keep the community moving. Helpers and hands make from $12-$25 an hour.

They had to change their plans early on.

LFW: What started the conversation with your team when you started this?

Cartt: Cartt was actually supposed to be an on-demand grocery delivery service, all done through a mobile app. We came up with brand identity back in November of 2016. We were getting ready to release our beta version of the app to the FW community in February 2017, but two very big, well known on-demand grocery delivery services launched in Fort Wayne, SHIPT & INSTACART.  Both companies are backed by millions of dollars from Investors and since we were so young and not backed by any investors, we decided we needed to pivot our business model. We spent most of the summer in 2017 formatting and constructing the new business model. My partners and I knew that we didn’t want to leave the on-demand economy. Companies in this space like Uber, Lyft, Postmates, and many others have been blowing up and attracting a large new customer base. In today’s economy and society, people want things FAST. It’s all about “Instant Gratification”. After many meetings and brainstorming (and much help from our mentors in FW), we transformed Cartt into an on-demand moving and delivery company. It’s kinda like “Uber for pick-up trucks.” 

They are modifying the wheel (or at least the traditional business model).

LFW: Were you intending on being the Uber for movers (or uber for pick-up trucks), or did that just kind of just happen?

Cartt: We most definitely intended to be the Uber for movers. With the opportunity right now, we have the potential to take over the Midwest with this business model. The on-demand economy is here to stay for many years. 

They have a service for everyone.

LFW: What does Cartt offer that other moving companies don’t? Why go with Cartt instead of a well-known company?

Cartt: We offer 6 key services from Store Delivery, Small Moves, Junk Removal, Craigslist Delivery, Donation Pick-Up, and Storage Moves. We also offer helping hands which helps our customer with heavy things at home. For example we fill U-hauls when you can’t do it yourself, or we move things around your home as well. Whether it’s across your living or across town, we get what you need from Point A to Point B. 

They know their audience.

LFW: Do you think it has been easy to capitalize on something like this because most people don’t like to do it?

Cartt: Absolutely. Trying to move anything large/ bulky is always a difficult challenge for most people, whether it’s an old couch, washer, or dryer. Most of these jobs require 2 people to move the item/items. We are starting to identify our current customer base as mothers, single women, and the elderly.  

They are in the business to help people.

LFW: What is your favorite part of this business?

Cartt: Serving the community! We agree that we don’t want to be in the business of just delivery, but we are in the business of people and helping them. We serve our community and have fun doing it and love to see their amazement and smile on their face at the end of the task. 

They had a little help from some friends.

LFW: What resources or influences in the community helped you start this business venture?

Cartt: The Atrium, a co-working space off Berry Street, has been a tremendous resource of mentors and supporters of our dream. Steve Franks of Start Fort Wayne has helped our team mold and rework our business model in hopes to grow in Fort Wayne.  

They are growing fast.

LFW: How many people are working for you right now compared to when you started?

Cartt: Cartt started out with just myself and my co-founder, Justin Davis. Since being in business for about 3 months, we have grown to a team of 7! We all have divided daily duties and responsibilities in the company from field operations, on-boarding new drivers, developing new partnerships with local FW businesses, sales, customer success, and software development.

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If you are interested in booking Cartt for your moving needs, you can visit their website.


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