Yoga To Beat The Winter Blues

Yoga is an incredible benefit to one’s physical, mental and spiritual health. With winter weather causing most time spent to be indoors, it’s a great opportunity to give it a try!

Feeling a bit intimidated by yoga? Or maybe you’ve got a mat you like to lay out in the living room, but you’re a bit nervous to go to a group session? Fear not! Fort Wayne is home to many studios that are suitable for all skill levels.

For The Novice:

Fusion Yoga

Fusion Yoga offers an intro course that has been dubbed “Yoga for Men Who Can’t Bend.” A series constructed around teaching men the basics of posture in a supportive atmosphere.

Fusion Yoga offers many styles of yoga, but their most practiced style is “hot yoga.” A variety of yoga that requires their studio be at a high temperature and humidity  to ensure that your lungs and skin do not dry out. There are also many who enjoy the heated environment simply as a way to get out of the cooler temps outdoors. Whatever your reason is for wanting to try hot yoga, Fusion is welcome to any and all!


PranaYoga also offers a Yoga Basics course. Whether you are new to yoga, or prefer a milder routine to your sessions, this class is perfect for you. Teachers in this course give tips and training throughout to help casual yoga goers sharpen their basic skills and techniques. They even children’s and teen’s classes!

The start of PranaYoga’s mission states, “Our mission is to provide a FUN and HEALING community of learning the ancient art and science of Yoga and Ayurveda! Through the most experienced and educated instructors, our intention is one of holistic health. There is a sharing of ancient wisdom and of community service. Our goal is to meet you where you are, within whatever stage of life you are experiencing.”

Simply Yoga

Simply Yoga offers another unique option for yoga beginners. Barre yoga combines elements of yoga, dance and Pilates with a ballet barre at its northwest location.

For The Experienced Yoga Lovers:

Urban Body Yoga

Urban Body Yoga offers a variety of more intense sessions and classes. Hot Power Yoga will apply variations of many advanced poses while pushing to sharpen body, spirit and mind. It is strongly recommended that one have experience in yoga in order to take part in this class.

Urban Body Yoga also offers a selection of more intense fitness-esque courses: Urban Barre, Yoga Sculpt and Boot Camp. Though they have varying focusses, these courses are sure to challenge your entire body.

Studio Seva

Studio Seva offers a unique aerial Circus Class. Though all skill levels are welcome, there is a considerable skill curve to these unique routines of upper body strength and balance. The studio does warn that their classes may result in “fun, strength, flexibility, body awareness, new friends and lots of laughter.”

Whether you’re in for yoga, or some of their aeriel courses, Studio Seva is prepared to meet you at your level and help you surmount mental and physical barriers.

Spring may be just around the corner, but are you mentally or physically prepared for everything  2018 is going to throw at you? Get ready for the season of rebirth and rainstorms at one of Fort Wayne’s many incredible studious. And if you’re still not sure about going and folding yourself like a pretzel in front of a bunch of strangers, you should at least try it somewhere you can feel comfortable,  I’m certain you’ll love it.


Author: Dusty Stephens

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