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Courtesy photo – Stephanie Phillips (left) and Jenna Biggins (right) of Envirose LLC

In this week’s “Entrepreneurship Spotlight,” we spotlight Jenna Biggins and Envirose LLC. Environmental health and safety is an important aspect for preparing your business for long-term success. Envirose LLC is a new local environmental health and safety consulting firm focusing on that. Envirose partners with clients to prevent occupational accidents, illnesses and harmful environmental releases while avoiding costly citations and unnecessary exposure.

What made you decide to open a business in Northeast Indiana?

My business partner Stephanie Phillips and I have lived and worked in Northeast Indiana our whole lives and saw an amazing opportunity to take our skills and training and apply it to not just one company but to many. We can see Fort Wayne beginning to grow and we want to be sure that the new company’s that establishing themselves here are keeping their employees and the environment safe.

What resource in the community has helped you thrive in the community?

The best resource that has helped us thrive is the local entrepreneurial community and the different organizations that help small businesses get on their feet. 1 Million Cups Fort Wayne, Start Fort Wayne to name a couple. It opened our eyes to see that there are people who support us and want to see us succeed.

What is the biggest challenge you have worked to overcome in starting your business?

I think one of the biggest challenges for any small business is getting your name out there. If people hear about you, talk about you, eventually the right person will take notice and contact you. We had to make sure that right person was taking notice. From cold calls to social media posts, we are trying to stay on top of getting our name out there.

What people have helped you the most in your journey?

Honestly, my business partner, Stephanie has helped me the most in our journey together. It was months and months of preparation, attorney and tax meetings, website development, everything you need to have established before you are “open for business”. On the long days where it seemed like there was too much to do with no end in sight, she was there to get me motivated again and reminded me why we’re doing this!

What is some advice you would have for new entrepreneurs?

Don’t think you can’t be the one to do it. If you have an idea for a business and really see that as your passion, research it, study it, and then go for it! It does take a lot of work to get a business set up but remember that drive and that passion for what you are doing to help you keep going. You’ll thank yourself later.

What would be the best thing Fort Wayne could do for entrepreneurs in your opinion?

Support would be the best thing Fort Wayne as a whole could do for entrepreneurs. Shop local, for products and services. Don’t turn a company away for being small or not well-known until you know the value of their product or service.

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Learn more about Envirose LLC by visiting their website at envirosellc.com.

Envirose LLC was a presenter at a recent 1 Million Cups Fort Wayne event. Watch this recording of their presentation below.

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