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P-Lotus is an up and coming Indiana hip-hop artist on the rise currently based in Fort Wayne, IN. His first album titled “PHENOM” released in 2009 and since then he dropped two other album projects “BACK TO THE BASICS (2012)” and “BIG BUSINESS (2015)”. And now on April 30 2018, he will be releasing his highly anticipated 4th studio album titled “EMOTIONS”.


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It has been a year since we have heard new music from P-Lotus and it has been three years since he released a studio album. Finally the wait is coming to an end because “Emotions”, his 4th studio album is scheduled to release on April 30, 2018. The last release we heard from P-Lotus was the mixtape he released in April 2017 titled “Still Married To The Music 2”, this of course was the sequel to his now classic mixtape “Still Married To The Music”. His last studio album “Big Business”, which was he released under the artist name “Phenom” came out in 2015 and featured notable songs such as “Stop Killing Us”, “What Tonight Do” and “Make It Hard”. Now P-Lotus, the artist formerly known as Phenom, has reinvented himself and has a new and improved approach to making and releasing music.

P-Lotus has always been known for his thought provoking and relatively clean lyrics. He has always tried to make music that all people of all ages can listen and relate to. P-lotus’ goal is to use hip-hop music as a means of self expression and to inspire and empower people. Over the years, P-Lotus has experimented with many different sounds, styles and subject matters while still staying true to his mission. During the time we were not hearing from P-Lotus, he was dealing with the music pressures of reinventing himself and staying relevant as an artist and also life pressure of balancing work, love life and being a dad. During this time, P-Lotus was also working on putting together this album that he eventually decided to title “Emotions”.

P-Lotus put a lot of emotion into the making of this album. In every song you will hear the voice of both P-Lotus the artist and the man. Everything that has happened thus far in P-Lotus’ music journey has been leading to this album. “Emotions” the album has been anticipated for three years but it has been a lifetime in the making. This album is the culmination of all of P-Lotus’ experiences, feelings and emotions. This album marks a new beginning for P-Lotus, the artist formerly known as Phenom.



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Dre “P-Lotus” Harris
Recording Artist / Producer / Promoter
Phenomenal Entertainment, LLC


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